Adaptive Tactical Releases its ‘Orange Less Lethal’ EX Performance Forend and Adjustable Style Stock for Mossberg® Shotguns 

Optimized and readily identifiable for “less lethal” law enforcement applications, Adaptive Tactical is currently the only company offering a less than lethal stock in an adjustable stock configuration.

Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers of innovative firearm stocks and accessories, has released its new ‘Orange Less Lethal’ EX Performance Forend and Adjustable Style Stock compatible with Mossberg® 500, 88 and 590 series 12g pump shotguns. This is a requested follow up to the ‘Orange Less Lethal’ EX Performance Forend and Adjustable Style Stock for the Remington® 870 12g pump shotgun model, which was released in 2017. The highly visible bright orange easily marks the shotgun for use in ‘less lethal’ law enforcement applications, while the adjustable stock feature is ideal for compact storage in vehicles. It also provides a better fit for all officer sizes.

“Currently, we are the only company on the market making less than lethal stocks in an adjustable stock configuration, and that is a responsibility and honor we do not take lightly. Law enforcement and security professionals, as well as members of the military, have one of the most important jobs: to keep us safe and protect us from harm. We listen to our customers and create products they demand, and the ‘Orange Less Lethal’ EX Performance Forend and Adjustable Style Stock for Mossberg shotguns was no different. We hope this new product will create a more ergonomic, customizable and tactical shotgun for our brothers and sisters in blue,” said Gary Cauble, Director of Sales and Marketing for Adaptive Tactical.

Optimized and readily identifiable for ‘less lethal’ law enforcement and tactical operations, the ‘Orange Less Lethal’ EX Performance Forend and Adjustable Style Stock comes with a number of advanced design features specifically tailored to pump shotguns. This sleek industrial design features a two-inch Picatinny rail hidden under the nose cap. Once uncovered, it allows for the attachment of tactical accessories, such as lasers and lights. Made in the U.S.A., the stock and forend are constructed from high-impact, lightweight polymer and are designed with owner installation in mind. The M4-style stock has an oversized extra strength adjustment pin and an integrated QD swivel attachment with a molded-in, non-rust standard sling swivel attachment for secure mounting to various sling systems. In addition, the adjustable stock has excellent ergonomics and comes with a pistol grip that includes an easy-to-reach rapid adjust lever for custom length-of-pull. It also includes a nonslip vented rubber recoil pad, which allows for maximum recoil absorption. MSRP $129.99.

The EX Performance Stock Set is also available in black and popular camouflage patterns for Remington® and Mossberg 500, 88 and 590 series shotguns. A drop-in replacement AR Rear Stock (RAS) is also available for AR15/AR10 carbines or other shotguns and rifles utilizing Mil-Spec sized extension tubes.

Department and Agency pricing available. For more information, please call 208-442-8000 or email Test and Evaluations samples are also available with formal request to verified law enforcement personnel and journalists.

For more information on Adaptive Tactical and other shotgun accessories, or for dealer inquiries, visit

About Adaptive Tactical, LLC:

Adaptive Tactical’s design team, a proven leader in firearm stock and accessory innovation, led the way in award winning recoil dampening shotgun and rifle stocks and accessories. Manufacturers of the popular Sidewinder Venom™ mag-fed shotgun system and ADTAC stock systems, Adaptive offers products focused on improving speed, performance and versatility for military, LE, defense, range and competition applications.

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