Armory Articles Part 1 – getting started

So you’re ready to jump into our Armory Articles! 

Awesome, well my name is Robert and I will be giving you a quick overview of the basics in part one. The following tutorials I will be showing you tips and tricks you can use to enhance your articles. If you have any question or need help feel free to comment below or contact support.  


Some Quick Links: “if your interested in jumping right”

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1. Adding Tags and Setting a Featured Image:
> Click on the “Paper and pencil Icon” next to your (preview button)
> Scroll down to tags. After each tag use a (coma ,) to separate. 
> Underneath Tags you will see featured image, this is that banner you see as the header of the article. It is also the image that is shared when other people share your article.

2. Adding Images:
> Click on the small (+) button on the left hand side of your line
> Select the camera icon and upload your image.

3. Text editing:
> Highlight the word(s) you wish to edit/ make a link. 
> Above it a bubble will display, select your edit.

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