BUCK-i-MAG Business:

BUCK-i-MAG LOADERS TM. (Refereed to as B.I.M LOADERS TM). We are now looking into some potential silent partner. I have the Patent Pending right now on the AR-15 Speed Loader. Now I just finish the designs for a SIG SAUER MPX 9MM. My gold is about $250,000.

If you would like to invest, just message me “I WANT TO INVEST” on here. Or my FaceBook page. www.facebook.com/BUCKIMAG. 

Thank You                 “SHOT MORE, LOAD LESS”

Paul McDaniel / Buck-i-Mag

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    1. It’s in the building stage right now. Be ready in 4 weeks. Thanks for asking.

    1. Yes i have sold 87 units in one day at a police convention.

  1. Trying to look you up. Where can I find more info about your company?

    1. I just got my tax license July 5, 2017. Website is being built right now.

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