Custom Gun Rooms and Storage Solutions for even the largest firearm collections. 

Custom Gun Rooms and Storage Solutions:

Many of you might already know this but I’m a bit of a firearm enthusiasts. lol

Spending countless hours every week looking for guns/ ammo deals, attending NRA events and other local gun shows. This has only left me with more guns and more ammo. “Wife thinks I have problem, she’s right I need a few more revolvers. Thanks for looking out”.

So currently I’ve started the build process for my new house. The first question I asked myself was where am I going to put all my stuff. I needed a man cave but more importantly a gun room!

Need a place that was not only secure but could keep everything organized, a place to work, clean, etc.  

Another question, since I’ve never done anything like this before how much are we talking. Is it affordable? 

So just like everyone else, I jumped on google searching for custom gun rooms. 5 mins later I found that I have skipped right over the results and was already into the pictures. I had so many ideas from vertical wall mounts, racks..

I mean just look at these gun room setups:

I know bad ass right!

Well, I eventually made it back to the results and came across Gallow Technologies.


They had me at “organize your shit” LMAO!

These guys are the real deal and responsible for the gun room storage setups I just showed you. There in house design team (awesome btw) was able to maximize every square inch possible for me and the best part was I gave them my budget upfront. Took all the guess work out of, straight forward down to earth staff. Couldn’t thank you guys enough and as promised I will be posting an update when I get everything set up.

Here are a few packages that I ordered:

x3 of (package 1032)

x2 of the (package 1043)

x2 of the (package 1021)

So…. If your thinking about setting up a gun room or your gun shop check these guys out.


Gallow Tech gun rack review

How To Install Gallow Tech Gun Racks


Office: 855-542-5569


Quick Links:

* For all those heading to the NRA show in Dallas. Be sure to stop by and check them out at booth #2415..


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  1. I wasn’t able to get there live chat thing to work on there site. Will call them later this week thanks for the info

  2. Can’t wait to see your pictures. I’m going to have to re-do my gun shop soon. Differently looking these guys up thanks Robert.

  3. What’s the shipping look like? I mean my budget would be around 4000. I would imagine that shipping would eat up a good chunk of that.

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