Diamond Age Unveil Advanced NeoSteel™ Tactical Helmet

The steel helmet has evolved, introducing a revolutionary, high-performance, ballistic helmet now available from Diamond Age. 

McKinney, Texas (August 2020) – Texas-based, materials science and ballistics specialists, Diamond Age, have unveiled their latest addition to the tactical helmet market with the introduction of the groundbreaking new NeoSteel™ Helmet, a modular designed tactical-style helmet comprised of the most technologically advanced metal alloys.

Revolutionary in design, function, and material capability, the NeoSteel Helmet is an evolution in personal protection. Designed to meet the ever-changing needs of police and military personnel, including reserves and auxiliaries, the NeoSteel Helmet is the result of years of scientific research and development to ensure a high level of ballistic performance (VPAM-3 + Special Threats) at the lightest possible weight with all-day comfort and balance characteristics.

Diamond Age CEO, Jake Ganor, commented, “We are thrilled to be unveiling the NeoSteel Helmet to our law enforcement, security, rescue, contractor, and personal defense customers. Not since the original combat helmets have we seen such a huge step forward in protective tactical helmets. The NeoSteel Helmet is a metallurgical milestone. It’s what the M1 steel-pot helmet would have evolved into, had it not been abandoned in favor of the K-Pot helmet.”

Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet with Accessories

During the NeoSteel Helmet R&D, it underwent rigorous developmental testing for ballistic impact and Diamond Age is proud to announce the NeoSteel Helmet offers best-in-class performance for minimal backface deformation (BFD) and impact trauma. Unlike current polymer-based helmets, the NeoSteel is also environmentally stable, providing users years of consistent rim-to-rim protection, without material degradation that would severely compromise protection performance.

“We’re confident that the NeoSteel Helmet hits the mark as the world’s toughest combat helmet. Development of leading-edge ballistic equipment is our single purpose and our testing has shown the NeoSteel to be capable of withstanding tremendous operational damage before its form or function is compromised,” Ganor added.

Diamond Age will soon offer accessories and attachments for the NeoSteel Helmet. Now available in Black, Green, or Tan and in Medium or Large/Extra-Large for an MSRP of $195.00.

About Diamond Age:

Diamond Age is a materials science and engineering firm that focuses on research and development of leading-edge anti-ballistic armor systems for the military, law enforcement, private security, rescue, and responsible civilians. www.diamondage.org

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