Does 3-Gun training Carry Over to Concealed Carry???

Does 3-Gun training Carry Over to Concealed Carry???

Hey everyone!!! Tonight we sit down with Kevin Michalowski of USCCA and talk all about World Records, 3-Gun, and of course CONCEALED CARRY! To find out more and help support the channel use this link – Here’a a little about USCCA-

The USCCA is where more than 350,000 responsibly armed Americans come to learn about gun safety, self-defense tactics and to get the legal protection they’ll need if they are ever involved in a self-defense incident. By presenting firearms training techniques and the legal realities of self-defense the USCCA teaches you first to avoid conflict. If avoidance is impossible our training helps you win the fight. We exist to keep you alive and help keep you out of jail.

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