FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Claims He’s Not for Gun Confiscation calls Auto worker full of Sh!*

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Claims He’s Not for Gun Confiscation calls Auto worker full of Sh!*

Joe Biden Auto Worker

What you’re about to watch is Joe Biden gets into a heated exchange with a Detroit autoworker about his stance on the second amendment after the autoworker tells Joe that he is actively trying to diminish our second amendment right and take away our guns”

You see Biden, forgets we live in the digital age and receipts are incredibly easy to come by so when you say things like what he said when Anderson Cooper asked him about gun owners who are concerned that “a Biden administration means they’re gonna come for my guns.”

Biden responds quickly with, “Bingo, you’re right if you have an assault weapon. The fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period,”

Not to mention Biden just told us that if he’s elected, Beto, the same guy who said, “Hell Yes we’re going to take your AR-15”
Is going to be the guy that Biden appoints to lead the effort on gun control. The only person who is full of sh!* is Biden.

Biden saying that he supports the second amendment because he’s okay with shotguns is like saying Segregated bussing is separate but equal. Oh, wait here he is saying that when he started his career working for a southern segregationist.

Biden does not Support the Second Amendment, what Biden supports is the FUDDS of America.

A Fudd is a person who thinks it’s still the 1950’s and thinks the only reason anyone should have a gun is for shotgun sports and hunting, neither of which has anything to do with the second amendment.

Fudds are usually borderline senile and stuck in the 1950s and as a result hate semi-automatic handguns and rifles much the same way they hate the internet and anything Digital.

Oh, and can we stop with the false equivalent of comparing not being able to yell fire to banning the most popular rifle in America. If you yell fire in a crowded movie theater and there’s no fire you go to jail.

When you use an AR-15 to murder someone unjustified you go to jail.

The 1st amendment equivalent of Banning AR-15’s would be putting a muzzle on everyone going into the movie theater so that they can’t talk at all in order to prevent someone from yelling fire when there is no fire.

However, the law doesn’t say, you can never yell fire when there’s actually a fire, but if you physically muzzle people from speaking, they can’t yell fire when there is actually a fire.

The same way, the American people can’t fully exercise their 2nd Amendment rights when you ban the most popular rifle in the country.

Joe Biden has demonstrated on countless occasions that his memory is slipping something serious, not to mention him just not knowing what he’s talking about half time mumbling his way through unintelligible soliloquies of fragmented thoughts.

There’s no such thing as an AR-14, clearly, he meant AR-15 but come on man, you’re talking about banning these things and you can’t even get the name correct. Not to mention in response to someone claiming he wants to take away our guns, he says, “Only the AR-14”. That’s still taking away our guns. The AR-15 is the most popular semiautomatic rifle in the country that’s like saying, “I’m not banning your first amendment rights, you just can’t use the internet to exercise it”.

Then they have the audacity to say that it’s false news when I say Biden is going to take your guns. Unless the definition ban has changed over the last 20 years, banning the sale and ownership Of AR-15 is literally taking my guns. Do they think we’re stupid? He literally says this in interviews.

The days of letting these politicians get away with soft words so as to fool the masses that their intent is not to restrict the 2nd Amendment into oblivion are over. It’s time for people to wake up.

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