HOW TO HANG TREESTANDS! Mobile Hunting Setup

Tips and tricks for hanging a mobile tree stand FAST! THP merch – TREESTAND GEAR Safety Harness w/lineman rope …

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  1. Great video! Question out of curiosity…other than not having to really cut limbs and having more tree options, is there other reasons you prefer the sticks/hang on stand versus a climbing stand?

  2. Or leave it in the tree all season And come back at the end of the season and take it down. This put it up and take it down every hunt is good practice for poachers.

  3. I use the linesman rope also…one little trick…I have a small pulley and a length of 1/4" rope. Tie your pulley off above your stand seat height. Have the rope tied to your stand on the ground. Other end to your belt. At your last step run your rope through pulley and pull up your stand. You can then tie off long end of rope to hold the stand and attach your straps. What steps did you use in your video?? I'm looking for new light ones. Over 50 now!!

  4. Just throw all that junk away and get you a summit climber tree stand

  5. Noticed at 5:45 the top strap on the stand doesn't look like it's all of the way on. Make sure on strap on the stands that have that system go all the way around i've had them slip off when you go to step in it.

  6. Anybody else notice that the top strap on the stand wasn't all the way around the post, good video though.

  7. Look close at the top strap on the tree stand. You'll see that you didn't get the loop in the end of the strap completely over the knob on the vertical bar of the stand.

  8. I would add make sure the lineman's line is above the stand when hanging, just easier to get around the stand.

  9. I noticed you didn't use the bat wing or a easy hang hook any reason why? Great Chanel

  10. Lone wolf made a thing call EZ hang on hook. I don't get it why no use it cause i do and will never leave home without it

  11. So I fall asleep all the time in my stand for some reason….it is just so comfortable and peaceful. Thank god my climber has bars around it. LOL

  12. Fell out of a homemade tree stand 25 years ago. Fortunately only my ego was hurt. But now I permanently hunt from the ground.

  13. I heard not to “lock-in” these stands with the bottom strap attached… that lone wolf were designed to only have the top strap, but the insurance companies made them put the bottom one on. I think I heard that from one of Dan infalt’s videos. Since then I’ve only run the top strap. Have you guys heard anything like that? Thx for the content.

  14. So during the 30 minutes of setting up, are you ever pausing & looking around? Or just trying to get the set up done as quickly & quietly as possible?

  15. Why this setup over a climber? I'd really like to try the hang on setup

  16. Nobody makes a quality lineman rope. I'm still waiting for a harness company to produce a high end climbing rig.

  17. One of these days I'm gonna get a lone wolf stand….one day

  18. A few lone wolf stands stands (including this one I believe) allow a strap you put on first and the stand hooks onto it. I like the sense of security not having to hold a 10+ pound stand and trying to strap it high up in a tree. Really hard to go wrong with a Lone Wolf!

  19. For years I did the one arm method as well. Your 100% correct. Loading your weight on that rope is far less abuse on your upper body. Nicely done.

  20. I notice that the beast sticks are double sided steps so you can stand with both feet level. That is huge also when putting stands up! I won't use sticks anymore that do not have steps on both sides. Another great video guys! Can't wait to see the 2019 deer tour!

  21. I guess y'all don't like using a treestand lifeline? I just like knowing that I'm attached from the time I step up.

  22. Where did you get the backpack straps you use for your tree stand?

  23. what kind of packs do you use to get your treestands and sticks out there? Also where can you buy a good linemens rope?

  24. all your last season and all your deer videos are great! obsessed with this channel lately

  25. Just watched this video and immediately went to Amazon and purchased two lineman ropes and a couple carabiners. Thanks!

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