How To Sell More Guns Online with Auction Armory FOR FREE

1. Creating A FREE Auction Armory Account

Becoming a member of Auction Armory network means now your part of the family. Auction Armory is your network to buy, sale and connect with gun lover just like you.


2. Becoming A Seller

Complete a short application will allow Auction Armory to verified your account.

** You don’t have to own a real store to become a seller **

This process is just to verify that you are A real person, helps us avoid spam.


3. Setting up your store

This is huge part of the sale! 90% of all your customers will check out your shop page and look at your reviews and other items for sale.

You will want to make sure your phone number, website, links, logo, etc. Are correct 

* To learn more about setting up your shop >Click here

4. Adding A Product

Your Shop Manager allows your to easily add and edit products.

When adding a product it’s important to understand your buyers and what they are looking for.

> Describing your Item: 70% of all online shoppers spend 50% of their time researching it first. The more you can tell them up front the less questions you will have trying to sell it.

> Taking good photos: This is a no braining when it comes to buying and selling online. We recommend 3-5 very good photos that also shows any marks or damage to the item.

> All Items & Shops are submitted to search engines out side Auction Armory: This includes,, and 15 other top search engines. This in return allows you items to be seen, clicked and sold quickly.

* To learn more about adding a product to Auction Armory > Click Here

5. Item Sold, now what?

It’s up you on how you wish to complete the transaction. Auction Armory does not take any commissions or fees for buying and selling on our website.

> We recommend just giving the buyer a call or sending them a message.

If you need further support, please reach out to our online support team or 407-753-2200 

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