Is it too late to exchange Christmas gifts for:

I want a couple of these.  Have you seen them yet?  If you have, why didn’t you let me know?

Of course that would mean an additional Glock gun purchase.  The Micro-Roni won’t accept my snake-eye sight, (which we all know is part my EDC CCW gun of choice).  Then I would have to purchase extended magazines  which takes me back to my original blog, When to call it quits.   The charging hammer along with this Roni looks doable, but would require more training for proper use on my scooter.  Remember, I’m for one handed shooting and training.  Then I would have to wonder what my neighbors will think with me walking (scootering) my dogs with this attached to my arm.  At least with my EDC they don’t know I have it until that occasional night where  shots are fired when the coyotes are out and about on the property.   

Check it out….  Thanks, Lenny – for the video.!&utm_campaign=FF+-+1518+-+Roni&_bta_tid=01667454481401957881149742913171261674036253116185848665828919004533886981493573207329796677842684266740744

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  1. Hey Bryant, are you thinking about a purchase? I am seriously debating (with myself) about it. I’m thinking I would have to make some modification(s) to my scooter to support the roni so that my arm doesn’t stretch or fall off (lol). I also think about the fact that I haven’t bought a gun just to go with the bling, which one should I get first?

      1. Hi David! This is what I have come up with. I need to buy another scooter and have it customized, The one issued by the VA – I need to keep stock for VA business / visits and travel. Then I have to consider a new vehicle as to have both scooters with me at the same time – unable to do that with my SUV – a mini van??? (Gage me with a naked Barbie doll). But when I have the scooter customized – I will need the guns and bling I want to have available to me. What a nightmare – all that for a roni? YUP … me too. Stayed tuned, (May be awhile.) LMAO, I would ROTF – but I wouldn’t be able to get back up!!!

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