Greta”Thunberg” Mossberg Addresses the NRA and Wayne LaPierre!! (PARODY)

January 16, 2020

Greta "Thunberg" Mossberg addresses the NRA and Wayne LaPierre! The NRA has taken a controversial stance on risk protection orders while at the same time, the spending habits of Wayne LaPierre have come into question amongst the members and board of directors of the NRA. No Compromise Alternatives Gun Owners of America Home The Firearms […]

Protecting #2A in Virginia!!! (Part 3) AGC Sportsman’s Guide Tour: Warrenton VA

December 24, 2019

Virginia has become a 2nd Amendment battleground state. We are at Clark Brothers in Warrenton, VA teaching 2 young girls and their father to shoot. Sportsmans Guide and Just Holster It sponsored this program. Ralph Northam has put the state in jeopardy as 2nd Amendment sanctuaries have been flooding the state with disapproval Go to […]

Got a New Rifle!!! & Teaching Father w/Young Daughters (Part 1) in Warrenton, VA!

December 9, 2019

AGC Teaches 2 young ladies and their father firearms proficiency at Clark Brothers Guns & Ammo in Warrenton, VA!! Brickell also buys her first black powder rifle a Thompson 50 cal muzzleloader. Steve and Alvin Clark were great hosts at Clarks brothers in Warrenton VA. Sportsmans Guide Tour Stop Warrenton VA Part 1 Go to […]

AUCTION ALERT and New Video!!!

December 6, 2019

Go to My PATREON PAGE. For Bonus Footage!!! CHANNEL SUPPORTERS: Just Holster It Beachin Tactical Custom Rifle Speed Slings:

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