New Firearm Classified Site Announced and Immediately Offered Millions to Sell It!

On December 27, 2020 Robert Cain Founder and CEO of Auction Armory announced the beta version of his new Free Firearm Classified website called Inviting only 25 people to start beta testing looking for bugs, slow performance areas and ideas for improvements.

As Robert is not only heavily known in the marketing world from his work at Google Inc. He’s furthermore known for his 11m member site  This past Monday Jan 4th, we had an opportunity to grab a quick interview with Robert to get more information on this classified site.

He says “The idea for a classified style site was always requested from his members. Probably 1000+ a week would contact support asking about selling by state or location. However, the build it out for a classified add-ons so to speak. To Auction Armory would be extremely heavy. Robert says, I designed Auction Armory to be able to handle storefronts, inventory, customer order, shipping info, etc.

To simply add in a classified area wasn’t going to work.”  As he gave me a quick tour of the new site. I asked about the main competitors and any areas of the site that really stand out.

He says, “I’m going to introduce features that my competitors have been rejecting for sometime now. Real time listing analytics, ways to increase your overall sales, giving promotions back to the firearm community, etc. Other social media sites offer this and obviously it’s working! Those competitors you’re talking about have already offered millions to sell and I am just in the beta version.”

As we wrapped up the interview I asked If the beta was still online. Says he is still allowing people to sign up and join the beta version of It will be in beta for the next 2-3 weeks before the official launch. The beta users will be grandfathered in and remain under a free for life account.

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