ATN 4k Pro 3-14X Day Or Night Scope


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ATN, one of the most reputable brands in scopes, has a day or night 4k scope on the market that is more than worth the price. Its Smart, D/N, Ultra HD lens offers up a crisp view anytime. In contrast to most riflescopes, the ATN 4k Pro 3-14X uses a 3864×2218 digital image sensor. That, paired with its color display and sophisticated electronics (with wireless capability) delivers and captures images with precision. This day or night scope features a 30mm maintube for compatibility. It is ideal for seeing targets or game during the day or in low light. You can record and broadcast your activities directly from the scope too via built-in Wi-Fi while simultaneously recording on to an external memory card.
Other features include a top of the line electronic compass and a multitude of in-view functions, reticles, and ballistics calculators.


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