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girlSHOT: Advocating Personal Safety & Family Protection

girlSHOT has scoured the planet designing, developing and packaging the highest quality products for women shooters.

girlSHOT’s 1st product is a gorgeous concealed-carry compact: the perfect gift and ideal lifestyle statement

– Unique soft-touch concealed-carry compact case
– Open the lid and you’ll find a mirror, just like every other compact out there…
– ….but when you open the inner lid, things really start to get interesting…
– Hidden inner compartment holds 10 Personal Protection rounds: the ultimate self-defense ammo combining Shell Shock’s case technology with Full Stop expanding solid copper hollow-point bullets

And they’re beautiful too – unique ‘Santa Fe’ blue bases highlighted by a second mirror inside the inner lid, perfectly showcase these lethal works of art

Shot Notes

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Velocity: 1,150 fps
Nickel-Alloy Cylinder: 50% lighter, 2x stronger than brass, requires no lubrication, leaves no residue, suitable for reloading, corrosion resistant, returns to virtually original size when fired
Aluminum Base: Less wear on ejector mechanism
Style: Unique ‘Santa Fe’ blue bases
Bullet: Full Stop expanding copper hollow-point; world’s best personal-protection round
Made in USA: Cases made in Connecticut, rounds loaded in Kentucky


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