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The world’s greatest tackle box!

Proprietary TakLogic gel technology sticks without leaving residue or odor
Lures stick in place and don’t rattle around or get damaged
Easy to clean with dish soap and warm water
TakLogic keeps working even in the sun, heat or cold
Protect your prized lures, keep hooks sharp and feel proud of your tackle box!
100% Made in U.S.A in Ettrick Wisconsin

Lure Lock makes a game changing tackle box that is changing the way you fish!

Tackle BoxTackle Box

The TakLogic gel in the bottom of the trays secures baits and tackle!





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ice fishing organization ta

fishing tackle box fish

fishing tackle box fish

Secure Lures

Our TakLogic technology uses sticky gel pads to keep your lures and hooks from bouncing around and getting damaged or dull.

Convenient Customzation

Our easy Snap-A-Part dividers don’t require cutting or leave edges, for a great fit every time.

Temperature Resistant

Our TakLogic Technology can withstand extreme temperatures and keep on sticking.

No Residue or Odor

Our proprietary TakLogic gel pads keep your lures in place without leaving any stickiness or smell on them.

Available in 3 sizes

Tackle BoxesTackle Boxes

Large (LL1-4101)

4-24 Compartments

9″ x 15″ x 1.88″

Small (LL3-3101)

3-18 Compartments

5″ x 10″ x 1.25″

Medium (LL2-3101)

3-18 Compartments

7.25″ x 12″ x 1.75″

pro bass fishermen staffpro bass fishermen staff

The experts agree

Lure Lock tackle boxes are the best way to manage your lures and keep them working for the long haul.

Your lures will last longer when they stay separate and don’t scrape off their finish.
Your lures will be easier to find when they stay where you put them.
When speed and organization are key, trust Lure Lock
Available in 3 sizes to mix and match, or upgrade to a Locker for ultimate portability

SECURE YOUR LURES- Don’t lose your prized lures, keeps hooks sharp and makes organization easy: No Tangles!
WASH AND REUSE- comes out sticky as new after the wash. TEMPERATURE RESISTANT -works from -15° F to 240°F
NO ODOR RESIDUE- soy bean based ingredient Tak Logic is environmentally safe and will not discolor your lures
MADE IN USA-Hometown Ettrick Wisconsin 100% tooled crafted and manufactured and assembled in U.S.A
CONVENIENT CUSTOMIZATION- 18 Green dividers Snap-apart with a simple twist eliminating additional trimming. DIMENSIONS: 5 “H x 10″W x 1-1/4 ” ITEM: LL3-3101



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