Tactical Cobra Belt




HTC Tactical Cobra Belt™ (TCB™) provides the perfect fast-attach belt system for securing your rig. Incorporating the quick-release functionality of AustriAlpin’s Cobra® buckle, the Tactical Cobra Belt provides a comfortable and secure platform for your HTC™ Low Profile System.

Each outer belt is made of 1.75″ Mil-Spec resin-coated Type 13 webbing lined with quality Velcro® hook and is paired with a black underbelt of the same 1.75″ webbing surfaced with Velcro® loop. With the under belt threaded through your pant loops, the outer belt holds your rig securely in place without the need for belt keepers – while allowing for easy removal and reattachment.
Belts are available in Black. All standard underbelts are Black.
SIZING: For best results please consider the following information regarding sizing. This is a two piece belt. The underbelt adds about 1″ to your typical pants size, so use that measurement when making a selection. If you are unsure, measure over the waist of your pants while wearing a belt with a minimal buckle. If you ride the line between two belt sizes, we recommend the larger size.


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