Riton Optics Announces TJ Ramsey, “Lead Sling’n Ginger” To the Official Riton Pro Staff Team

Tucson, AZ
Riton Optics Announces TJ Ramsey, “Lead Sling’n Ginger” To the Official Riton Pro Staff Team
Below is TJ’s Bio

TJ Ramsey is one of the newest members of the Riton Optics Pro Staff 

 My name is Tim Ramsey but for as long as I can remember everyone has called me T.J. so it would be weird if you didn’t follow suit. I am a proud Riton Optics Pro Staff member in Columbia, Tennessee – the patron state of shootin’ stuff. By day I am a cyber security consultant which, at 33, is a job I honestly never thought I would be doing. After serving in the United States Army and making two combat deployments to Iraq I continued my service as a defense contractor. After another 5 deployments, this time to Afghanistan supporting various Special Operations Units, it was time for me to hang it up. So after finishing my degree I found myself piloting a keyboard and ultimately becoming pretty darn good at it. As much as I miss the lifestyle and action of my twenties; my wife, son, and daughter appreciate having daddy home and generally out of harm’s way.

With all the added free time from not deploying I immersed myself in my favorite hobbies. Shooting and hunting weren’t just part of my life but I am convinced my genetic code had been re-written with grains of gunpowder. That love and knowledge of firearms, shooting, and tactics really helped me fit in well with the SOF community I eventually began working with so closely. Coming down off the deployment high and transitioning into civilian life wasn’t easy and to be quite honest it was going south pretty fast. I found solace by getting out of the house and into a place I felt more comfortable…the range. I am now an avid shooting sports competitor (multigun, uspsa, trap, etc.) and a long-range hobbyist as well as a reloader. All of which I have developed a certain high level of knowledge and expertise. I think my proudest attribute is knowing an over-hyped product when I see it and educating people who would otherwise be suckered into a gimmick when a little more education and practice is all that is required. An attribute reflected by Riton Optics who focus on quality rather than flash to sell their products.

The shooting community has been a wonderful support group and I was welcomed with open-arms to the local multi-gun and shooting sports arena surrounded by simply amazing and like-minded people. Though still not the greatest, my continued improvement is quite apparent with each match and each training session. Eventually, I decided to return the favor by reaching out and actively attempting to grow the 2A community that has helped me in so many ways. Frankly, I think that is what makes Riton Optics the best company to work with. They exemplify the very nature of the shooting community that so often goes unnoticed. There is not a firearms nor optics company that I am aware of that would shy away from military and law enforcement veterans and everyone I know is willing to admit their active support. Riton takes it a step further. Not only are they founded by veterans but they openly and actively support the veteran community and highlight the awesomeness of those individuals right there on their website – sponsored or not. In short, they let their actions define their support instead of just waving a banner or having a Memorial Day Sale.

As my time in the sandbox fades into distant but ever-present memory, I have adapted my knowledge from the range and my love of firearms as a tool and cornerstone of my activity on social media. I use what influence I have to reflect the positive qualities of the shooting community and bring new shooters to our community. Be it by educating those wishing to get into shooting sports, defending themselves, or simply wishing to appreciate the awesome engineering and science of firearms and optics technology. I have branched out on various social media platforms where I invite you all to follow, subscribe, like, and interact with me. I have adopted the handle of the “Lead Sling’n Ginger” and can be found on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even email. So with all that said let’s get out and shoot.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeJXaHoipwMeoKvrien1WCA?

Instagram: @lead_slingn_ginger

Twitter: @redleadslinger

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lead-Slingn-Ginger-167799433866099/

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