Rusted BUTCHER’s Steak Knife – Satisfying RESTORATION

Rusted BUTCHER's Steak Knife - Satisfying RESTORATION

Today, I am restoring a big Meat steak knife in this video. It’s been a long time since i’ve restored a Butcher’s knife. So, it is great pleasure and alot of fun for me to restore such an unique item in this video.

This knife was a cold steel and made up of the Leaf Spring. So, I heated up the steel till it got the purplish color and suddenly i rubbed an onion on the surface of the knife and the purplish color changed into a beautiful mate black color. And this is one of my favorite technique of steel Bluing.

A beautiful textured black piece of wood was used for making the handle. And the Brass round sheets were used between the wood to make the handle more enchanting. I made a Brass screw on the pommel which holds the whole handle of this butcher’s steak knife.

Blade Sharpening Technique:
Using different Grit of sandpapers can easily sharp a blade. I started from a 40 grit Belt sander and after that i moved to 220 Grit and kept sanding till 800 Grits by hands Whet sending technique. For extraordinary sharpness i used a soft leather piece and rubbed the blade bevel on the leather.

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