Rusty Katana Sword RESTORATION

Rusty Katana Sword RESTORATION

The blade of this Sword is almost 62 cm (≈24 in.) made up of Hard Carbon steel, later on after restoration the overall length including hilt is ≈ 76 cm (30 in). This was a perfectly curved cold steel. By the way this katana was too much rusty so i decided to restore it.
I am very satisfied of the finishing product and i hope you guys will also enjoy the work and guys please watch the video just for entertainment. And maybe i will decorate this sword in my room as a decoration piece because this katana is one my best projects.

I am deeply thankful to each and every single subscriber who is supporting us and those who inspired us to do something new and creative. I made this just for fun i am not promoting any kind weapons so guys just sit back relax and enjoy the video.

Rusty Katana Sword RESTORATION
I showed the whole procedure for restoring this chopper in this video.
o. The liquid i used to remove RUST was Sulfuric Acid.
o. I used sandpapers of different GRITS for shine of the Blade.
o. Brass casting was done for the HANDLE to look more enchanting.
o. I used Caustic Soda and potassium Nitrate at particular temperature for bluing the Sword.
o. For Hardening the blade i used my own handmade METAL MELTING FURNACE.
o. I used clear paint to give a glossy look to the wooden handle which i burned to make it black and Brass was shined by special brass polish.

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