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Gift Certificates- MTR Custom Leather

Need to give a gift? Great! MTR Custom Leather gift certificates is a great way to give someone an MTR product without worrying about giving the wrong product. MTR gift certificates is an easy and convenient way to give the perfect gift. No need for stressing over that birthday, Christmas, holiday and anniversary gift. Give the perfect gift by purchasing your MTR Custom Leather gift certificate today.

Women’s Holsters for concealment or target shooting or everday – MTR Custom Leather

Why does a woman need to carry? A lot of women these days are not thinking about protecting their self. They are relying on their significant other or someone else too. Some women say, oh it’s too heavy to carry a weapon in my purse or I can’t wear holsters on me because I wear fitted clothes. There are many excuses to why not to carry but there is more reasons to why NOT carry? Check out the top picks from women for you.

Concealment Leather, Nylon, Water Resistant Bags- Great for outdoors, riding on a motorcycle or bike- MTR Custom Leather

Ukoala Concealed Carry Bags one of our most popular bags out on the market today. Ideal for packing light for your next adventure. Perfect for everything from quick shopping to an overseas trip. Great for men or women. Great for hunting, fishing, hiking, outdoor activities, or general every-day use.

Low riding leather holster called Swan by MTR Custom Leather

A great low-riding holster.

Unlike the traditional belt holster, which places the firearm high and onto the rib cage, the Swan allows a full size semi-auto to lay close to body, below belt and onto hip. For the female physique, this allows for more room and movement between your grip and unholstering, allowing a comfortable carry a full size firearms.

With the Swan holster, the firearm is in a much better position. It sits Low on hip, even with belt line. The butt of the gun doesn’t stick into ribs and with this position, the grip of the firearm is much more accessible.

Each Swan holster is handmade and custom made for YOUR favorite firearm!

The design is slim and rides close to hip so it is extremely comfortable to wear standing or sitting.

Holster remains open so re-holstering is safe & easy! It allows for a full combat grip and one hand holstering which can be important if you need your other hand.

With a re-inforced molded belt channel on the back, the Swan safely retains the firearm even if bending over.

The leather belt slots can fit up to 1-1/2 gunbelt(2 layer) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer)

Stop buying off the shelf and treat yourself to the best holster you will ever own! The Swan – available for men and women.

“The Swan” Made in the USA, this full leather, outside waist band belt holster.

Women are shaped differently and our shorter waists make traditional holster styles uncomfortable, creating awkward draw positions, this holster eliminates the problem with women drawing.

Leather Care-MTR Custom Leather

Need to re-condition a leather product? What to use on my holster to break it in? MTR Custom Leather offers only the best for the best products. Here is the place to get you waxes, conditioners, kits and break in solutions. Everything is made in the USA and is natural, no chemicals. MTR knows best for the leather products. Get your wax today! All leather care is usually in stock and will ship out within 3 business days!

Rifle Slings, Cobra Slings for Shotguns- MTR Custom Leather

MTR Custom Leather does not only manufacture holsters and gun belts, but high quality rifle slings too. Top- grain USA leather and craftsmanship comes together to create the perfect rifle sling. No other sling like an MTR. These rifle slings functions to the best with a nice suede backing to prevent movement and heavy duty nylon stitching to resist against outside weather. Don’t forget to pick up your rifle sling today! These are great gifts!

K-9 Gear, Leashes, Collars- MTR Custom Leather

Let’s not forget about our K-9s. MTR Custom Leather has hand crafted leather leashes for your K-9. All USA leather and materials. Only using the best hardware for those stubborn K-9s. Once, you get a leash don’t forget about your K-9s collar. MTR customizes all leather K-9 collars to be smooth against the neck. They are double layer for durability. Only using heavy duty nylon stitching, to fight against outdoor weather. Pick up your MTR K-9 gear today. Don’t buy from your chain stores.

Western Rigs-MTR Custom Leather

MTR Custom Leather presents our western category. Western Category features western holsters, western rigs, modern western rigs, and many different variations. MTR Custom Leather named some of our western holsters after famous cowboys. Western holsters are meant to be worn on the outside the waistband (OWB) on the hip area. Western belt is recommended with our western holsters to properly secure the western holster in place. MTR Custom leather only uses the best leather to hand craft each product. All materials come from the USA and all products crafted in Ramseur, NC. We take pride in all our leather products.

Leather Shoulder Rigs- Horizontal, Vertical, Hunter Rigs-MTR Custom Leather

MTR Custom Leather’s shoulder rigs is an easy and convenient way to conceal a firearm and 2 spare magazines or 2 firearms at the same time. MTR shoulder rigs is a very comfortable and light weight. Using only leather and stainless steel hardware. This is a great conceal carry option for the winter and wearing a jacket or under a vest. MTR shoulder rigs is one of a kind compared to other manufactures. MTR Custom Leather gives you the option to purchase only a shoulder rig holster only. Meaning that you buy one rig for multiple of weapons. You can interchange the shoulder rig’s holster and spare magazine. WOW! MTR is all about SAVING you money!

Pocket Leather Holsters-MTR Custom Leather

MTR Custom Leather’s pocket holsters is a great way to conceal your firearm. With MTR pocket holsters you have many options to carrying your weapon in a pocket. Pocket meaning: front pocket, back pocket, cargo pocket, jacket pocket, purse pocket, vehicle pocket and anywhere else that you would like to store your firearm. Carry a firearm in the pocket eliminates carrying your firearm on the waistband. Pocket holsters is a great way to protect your firearm.