Selling A Gun Online

So your ready to start selling guns and other firearm products online, Awesome! WHY NOT DO IT FOR FREE? Auction Armory is a 100% FREE firearm marketplace, that makes buying and selling a gun online so easy. We don’t believe in commissions, paying to join or selling fees. Our mission here is simply: “Connect the buyers to the sellers” by doing this we show those buyers the best guns at the prices.

Gun stores owners typically charge between 15% and 25% for their services, and conventional consignment auction house typically charge as much at 35% in addition to a 10-15% Buyer’s Premium! An online auction or classified type website typically charges 2.5% to 5% just to list your gun online. No matter what website or method you use to sell firearms their is never a guarantee that it will sale. So.. Why not save your money and sell it for free at