Dual Carry Holsters One holster both IWB and OWB- MTR Custom Leather

Dual Carry means that you have the option to wear the leather holster inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). This style of holster is great for your NEW weapons. Dual Carry holsters can give you the idea of which way to wear your NEW weapon the best. Maybe you bought a NEW weapon and assumed that it was for IWB, so you try the NEW weapon IWB and figure out that this is not working for you. That’s okay because now you have a great target shooting holster or an OWB holster as well. Dual Carry holsters are great when you go on trips and you only want to carry one holster instead of two holster (IWB and OWB). You can SAVE your space and pack less. Also, when going to the shooting range you can practice shooting concealed and open carry with only 1 holster and not 2. So again you are SAVING your space by purchasing MTR Custom Leather Dual Carry Holsters!