Low riding leather holster called Swan by MTR Custom Leather

A great low-riding holster.

Unlike the traditional belt holster, which places the firearm high and onto the rib cage, the Swan allows a full size semi-auto to lay close to body, below belt and onto hip. For the female physique, this allows for more room and movement between your grip and unholstering, allowing a comfortable carry a full size firearms.

With the Swan holster, the firearm is in a much better position. It sits Low on hip, even with belt line. The butt of the gun doesn’t stick into ribs and with this position, the grip of the firearm is much more accessible.

Each Swan holster is handmade and custom made for YOUR favorite firearm!

The design is slim and rides close to hip so it is extremely comfortable to wear standing or sitting.

Holster remains open so re-holstering is safe & easy! It allows for a full combat grip and one hand holstering which can be important if you need your other hand.

With a re-inforced molded belt channel on the back, the Swan safely retains the firearm even if bending over.

The leather belt slots can fit up to 1-1/2 gunbelt(2 layer) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer)

Stop buying off the shelf and treat yourself to the best holster you will ever own! The Swan – available for men and women.

“The Swan” Made in the USA, this full leather, outside waist band belt holster.

Women are shaped differently and our shorter waists make traditional holster styles uncomfortable, creating awkward draw positions, this holster eliminates the problem with women drawing.