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(Melbourne, FL) May 3, 2016 – FightLite® Industries, a special products division of ARES Defense Systems, Inc. announces their new STEP-22LS™ (Strategic Target Engagement Pistol, Low Signature). The STEP-22LS™ is an accurate, rugged, lightweight and reliable patent-pending monolithic pistol receiver chambered in .22LR and features a tensioned target barrel with integral silencer and MIL-STD-1913 Rails at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions for mounting lights, lasers optics and other accessories.

Designed for military, law enforcement and qualified civilian shooters; the STEP-22LS™ is optimized with features ideally suited for the modern warfighter, law enforcement professional and avid civilian shooter who demands cutting edge performance from their weapon. Boasting an incredibly short overall length of only 11” and weighing a mere 24.3 oz, the STEP-22LS™ provides excellent sound pressure level reduction from a silencer that is integral to its patent-pending monolithic receiver body; delivering extreme performance in a compact and lightweight package!

The tensioned target barrel dampens accuracy degrading harmonics typically associated with lightweight barrels for excellent and repetitive shot placement. And the STEP-22LS™ patent-pending monolithic receiver ensures that there are no sight rails or tubes to loosen during firing. Military, law enforcement and civilian shooters alike will appreciate the ability to place well-aimed, undetected shots in low light and no light conditions.

All STEP-22™ models are designed to readily interchange with the standard pistol receiver on popular RUGER® Mk-I®, Mk-II®, Mk-III® and 22/45® pistols without any tools or gunsmithing required, providing users with a lightweight pistol capable of accommodating lasers, lights, optics and accessories on monolithic rails that won’t loosen during use.

“We developed the STEP-22LS™ with the same design logic that goes into most of our products” said Geoffrey Herring, President & CEO of ARES Defense Systems, Inc. “The historical use of integrally suppressed rimfire weapons by members of the US government and elite special operations forces is well documented. Law enforcement authorities have also used them to reduce their concerns of over penetration and collateral damage that may occur with more powerful weapons when executing violent felon arrest warrants. Certain high-threat law enforcement scenarios require the dispatching of guard animals, knocking out street and porch lights or cameras to maintain the element of surprise; and sometimes even disabling felon getaway vehicles with a well-placed and undetected shot into the car’s radiator. And in the civilian world, ranchers will welcome the ability to place accurate shots with the STEP-22LS™ for dispatching rodents or injured animals, without the need for hearing protection and without spooking livestock. And avid shooting enthusiasts in 42 states can enjoy target practice and general plinking with the STEP-22LS™ without the need for additional hearing protection and without aggravating their neighbors.”

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