AR10 built with the following parts MEGA Arms MATAN matched billet upper and lower receiver, JP Rifles Supermatch 22″ barrel with thermal dissipator, JP low mass BCG with enhanced bolt, JP silent capture buffer spring set, JP hand guard, Mappul MOE Rifle Stock, Hiperfire Hipertouch Competetion Trigger with all three spring sets, JP Bore guide, MAGPUL PMAGS 4×20 rd, 1 10 rd and 1 5 rd, Bob Sled single fire adapter, Luepold AR Mod 1 6-18 x 40 Mil Dot Scope.
Over $2500 in parts in this gun. Great shooter but need to reduce the gun collection, moving into an RV and keeping my bolt .260.


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Product Information

Manufacturer Custom
Model Number AR10
Barrel Length 22
Auction SemiAuto
Cartridge/Caliber Size .260 Reminton
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AR10 .260 Remngton


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