I am looking to sell my Diamondback DB15 CCB to fund other ventures in the new year. Purchased earlier this year and has never been fired. It is essentially new.

I am asking $450. It retails for $680 and I’ve seen a few over the summer ranging from $550-$600 at local gun shops.

I am a current Florida CCW and am only looking to transact with other current Florida CCW’s. This is for my peace of mind as the State has already done a background check.

If you would like to view the item, I live in the Fort Walton area. Please be prepared to show an ID and CCW before moving forward.

I do have a box of 200 rounds of Winchester 5.56 (green tip) that I can throw in to sweeten the deal.


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Product Information

Manufacturer Diamondback Firearms
Model Number DB15CCB
Barrel Length 16
Auction Semi-Auto
Cartridge/Caliber Size 5.56 NATO/ .223 Remington
Capacity 30
Finish Black Anodized Hardcoat
Weight 6.65 lbs
Sold by

Diamondback DB15 CCB. Never Been Fired


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