Serbu RN 50bmg Factory new. A unique rifle that utilizes a very heavy duty “Screw on breech cap” which prevents any escaping gas. This in turn translates into 100% maximum horsepower downrange. Highly accurate for long yardages. Eight massive muzzle brake ports provide all the low felt relief that you will need in order to calm this beast. Wear a diaper just to be safe. Lol… Comes with the rifle, the heavy duty skid bi-pod, and the 4 x 16 x 50mm objective Sniper Scope. By use of “LASER” we have set ZERO out to 500meters. I highly doubt that you will find the need to fine tune the Scope. I am that confident, Flip- up sights sold separately. Nerves of steel are not…Lol


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Product Information

Manufacturer Serbu
Model Number RN 50bmg
Barrel Length 29.5
Auction Single shot
Cartridge/Caliber Size .50bmg
Capacity 1
Finish Steel
Weight 16.5lbs
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Serbu RN 50bmg


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