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OROOTL 1000pcs Assorted Luminous Fishing BeadsOROOTL 1000pcs Assorted Luminous Fishing Beads

Why add (glowing) fishing bead on the hook?

Luminous fishing beads could fastly stimulate fish to notice the lures on the hook.
You could easily spot the fishing hook during night fishing.
Colored fishing beads can also be used during the day.

Whatever stream, pool, lake, river, saltwater fishing… Fishing beads are necessary fishing gear accessories. It will bring more convenience to anglers.


3 Colors Fishing Beads

3 Colors Fishing Beads

Soft Plastic Beads

Soft Plastic Beads

Smooth Hole

Smooth Hole

3 Attractive Colors

There are 3 “day” colors: natural green, chartreuse and red.
Green beads glow, other beads produce faint light.
For best glow results, charge these beads with natural sun light or halogen lamps.

Soft Plastic Beads

Manufactured with fluorescent powder and premium soft plastic material.
Lightweight and durable.

Smooth Hole

No burrs around the hole, smoothly thread through hooks, wires or cables.
Smooth touch and round/oval beads make it a great hand feel.

Assorted Fishing Bead KitAssorted Fishing Bead Kit

OROOTL Glow Beads FishingOROOTL Glow Beads Fishing

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🐟 QUANTITY: 1000pcs glow fishing beads with 2 layers plastic tackle box.
🐟 GLOW: Green fish beads have obvious luminous effect, yellow and red beads glow slightly. A moment’s exposure to light provides better luminosity.
🐟 FUNCTIONAL: The colored fishing beads can be use on lures, hooks, on your line just above the hook, and protect the head of fishing rod and float chamber.
🐟 EASY TO USE: Glow fishing beads feature burr free hole in the center for fishing line to thread through smoothly. Contains 12 kinds of fish beads to meet your various fishing needs.
🐟 GREAT VALUE: Reusable soft fishing beads perfect for deep drop rigs, also rigging trolling lures, stream, pool, lake, river fishing and so on. Attention: Please keep out of reach of children.


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