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· Compact chasi made from 7075 anodized aluminium with integrated steel rails

· robust design with integrated Picatiny rails various lengths, carbine, mid length and rifle.

· Compatible with most AR-15 barrels and caliber’s. Free floating barrel design.

· Patented direct impingement sistem / Gas Piston impingement option

· Non reciprocating charging handle for both sides (L/R arm users)

· Compatible with all current AR-15 Buttstocks and SAS – SCAR Adaptable Stock Kit

· Compatible with all existing AR-15 lowers. Minor modification needed.

· Compatible with all AR-15 triggers

· Compatible with standard AR-15 handguards

· Compatible with all aftermarket gas pistons (Adams arms, Superlative Arms etc.)

· Light recoil.

Most modular rifle with developed aftermarket


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Perun X-16


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