[Optics] Burris RT-6 Scope 1-6×24 30MM Tube $286.03 ($276.03 +...

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[Optics] Burris RT-6 Scope 1-6×24 30MM Tube $286.03 ($276.03 + $10 Flat Rate S/H) No Tax AZ *Email Request For Price*

9 reviews for [Optics] Burris RT-6 Scope 1-6×24 30MM Tube $286.03 ($276.03 +...

  1. bigdgamer

    how does this compare to the Vortex Viper PST Gen 2?

  2. Not4Reel

    Anyone have a free shipping code for buygunstuff?

  3. MessiahPenguin

    This or primary arms 1-6?

  4. I_Raise_You

    How do we feel this compares to the vortex strike eagle?

  5. Evil__Jon

    What mount goes well with a variable? This will be my first.

  6. MisterMasterCylinder

    I have one of these and love it. Maybe my favorite optic, definitely top 3.

  7. HeavyMetalTrucker

    Awesome! I have a strike eagle 1-8x that ive been trying to get rid of on a trade for one of these. Think im going to just buy this and sell the strike eagle now.

  8. Pedrodinero77

    Buy now. This is a steal of a price for a phenomenal optic. Better than glass twice the price.

  9. Long_Tetris_Piece

    “email request for price”

    Is it just me or does “email for price” and “add to cart for price” completely drain all desire for that product? Does doing that kind of shit actually work on people?

    I’ll be honest after a few of these, I have been known to close out a website and shop elsewhere. Like… I know *sometimes* it’s done for bot reasons… But imagine shopping at a brick and mortar store for a scope, and the dude behind the counter says “Oh, I see you’re looking at the Burris RT6… It’s a great scope” and you say “yeah… How much is it?” And he says “why don’t you text me that question and I’ll text you back the price?”

    Like honestly fuck off.

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