Politics, Death Threats, Unbanning and other fun topics that need...

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Hey guys, with the election wrapping up and things moving towards being less political in the coming months, we’d like to remind everyone that we have a **No Politics Rule**. Please keep /r/Gundeals apolitical and move any political conversations to another subreddit like /r/guns. Our enforcement of this rule has been to ban all posters involved in any political conversations. We have banned a lot of people over this and would like to stop banning people over dumb conversations that do not have anything to do with gundeals.

Some of our users on here have been receiving death threats due to political affiliation.

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Please let the mod team know of any death threats, harassment, witch hunting, etc you may be receiving or notice by sending us a modmail so we can get in contact with Reddit Admins to stop any further activity. Commenting someone’s /u/ handle over and over with the intent of harrassment or witch hunting will lead to a permanent ban from /r/gundeals.

Usage of the report button has been extremely helpful for the modteam over the last few months, if you notice anything that might be rule breaking, please report it. All of us on the modteam work full time jobs and can’t read through every single comment chain that gets posted on here.

We are introducing a quick Google Form to fill out if you are banned from /r/gundeals.


Because the modmail system doesn’t work very well with tracking and unbanning users, we will be using this instead. No emails will be tracked when using this form. If you are banned for calling other users names, witch hunting, death threats, etc, don’t bother sending an unban request.

We’ve also implemented more automod rules to tackle shitposting in titles or postings of non-gundeals. Please keep all shitposting in the comments and bad deals off of /r/gundeals. If your post gets to zero upvotes, it may be removed.


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