Turning Apple Watch into 24 Karat Gold I Watch

Turning Apple Watch into 24 Karat Gold I Watch

It is fantastic to have you here By the Way i am not making the video for advertising the apple.
I used the thin foil of 24 Karat Gold which was dissolved in Aqua regia.
I made the Nickel Strike adding Nickel Chloride with HCL.

I had great fun in making this video. I have already destroyed the same watch in aluminium body before making the video due to high concentration of acids and heat. After that i bought a new watch in stainless steel then i turned it into 24 Karat Gold.

Turning Apple Watch into 24 Karat Gold Apple Watch

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Music used
Morning Walk by Jonny Easton
Link httpsyoutu.beLHFXQ7Y2cos
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Link httpswww.youtube.comjonnyeaston

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