Vintage Double Barrel ShotGun – Impressive RESTORATION

Vintage Double Barrel ShotGun - Impressive RESTORATION

This was hard to find this Gun but i was lucky to work on such a pretty double barrel shotgun. By the way maybe ill shoot this in another video.

It was perfectly hand carved and not for all of you but for me I just gave it more pretty look using Brass. I restored all the mechanical parts into their original state.

I am glad i got successful in restoring this. I refinished this old thing and modify its Buttstock a little bit by adding brass sheets and RANDOM HANDS logo in it. But i am upset because YouTube demonetized my last weapon restoration project. But i am keep doing my work for you and i am trying my best to show you best and Impressive Restorations

I hope you guys will enjoy the video and also share your positive feedback and opinions in comment section.

Vintage Rusty Shooting Weapon – Impressive RESTORATION

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