Visit Riton at the 2019 SHOT Show To Win a Two Day Long-Range Precision Rifle Course 

Join Riton Optics At The 2019 SHOT Show For Military Day- Wednesday, January 23rd.

Veteran-owned Riton optics welcomes special military guests to the 2019 SHOT Show booth #428.

Conveniently located near the main food court on level one, you’re invited to enjoy a cup of Black Rifle

Coffee with three American Heroes and win a two day long-range shooting course with Charlie Melton

of Charlie Mike Precision (CMP).

Charlie Melton, John “Tig”  Tiegen, and Ray “Cash” Care will be in the Riton booth to meet with buyers,

writers, attendees, and fans on Wednesday, January 23 rd .

Riton Optics will Host “Military Day” at the 2019 SHOT Show Wednesday, January 23rd. 

Military Day Schedule:

9:30-11:30 AM: Ray “Cash” Care
Former NAVY SEAL, TV host and Mindset Trainer

Ray spent 10 of his 12 years in the Navy as a SEAL developing the skills and mindset that would shape

the man we now know as one of the most dynamic motivational people alive today. After his time on

the SEAL teams, he became an advisor for films and a host for several TV training competition shows.

These days Ray “Cash” Care leads people on a journey to find their inner warrior, pursue personal goals

and overcome whatever obstacles may be in their way.

Not only is “Cash” traveling the US and working with companies on the “FROG mindset,” he also gets a

chance to test outdoor equipment by asking the question, “how can I break this today?” Riton Optics did

something right to earn this man’s SEAL of approval.

1:00-3:00 PM Charlie Melton
Former NAVY SEAL, Long-Range Instructor and Owner of CMP

Charlie started his journey with the Navy at age 19, and it was quick to see that Petty Officer Melton

would make a great instructor- from educating his fellow SEAL’s on Delivery Vehicle Systems, to what he

became best known for… Sniper instructor! Charlie was awarded the coveted “SEAL of the Year”

designation in 2009 and was a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient as well.

These days Charlie spends his time teaching the public how to reach extraordinary distances with their

rifle at Charlie Mike Precision. Passing on the sniper trade secret of managing your DOPE book to

adjusting on the fly all while having the best time possible under his tutelage. Mr. Melton still reaches

for those long shots himself having hit targets passed 5,000 yards- and GROWING. An ambassador of

Riton Optics, Charlie is proud to support a Veteran Owned optics company.

4:00-5:30 PM John “Tig” Tiegen
Co Author and Benghazi Hero

Whether it was joining the US Marine Corp at age 17 or his total 13 years of low-profile, high-threat

security work, Marine Sargent John “Tig” Tiegen has proven to be one amazing warrior.

We all know him as one of the heroes that thwarted the attack on a American Diplomatic Compound in

Benghazi Libya, then later co-wrote the book that lead to the movie 13 hours: The Inside Account of

What Really Happened in Benghazi.

“Tig” is still a hero to many by working programs like “Beyond the Battlefield”- a non-profit started by

Mr. Tiegen and his wife, Margaret, or shooting matches for charity with his Riton Optics for that extra


Charlie Mike Precision Shooting Course Giveaway

Come to the Riton Optics booth #428 and enter to win the two day long-range shooting course. The

winner can look forward to learning how to master the 1000 yard shot all while having a great time with

an American hero and sniper legend, Charlie Melton.


Day 1 – starts with a one hour class teaching the principles of shooting and how to practice them

correctly and build muscle memory along with environmental effects on shooting. Next, go through rifle

set up to make sure everyone’s rifle is set up correctly. Third, you will head to the range. The first shots

are at 100yds to practice the principles of long-range shooting correctly and shooting tight groups.

Finally, you will shoot every hundred yards out to 500- executing the principles of long-range shooting

correctly and beginning to build muscle memory for each shot.

Day 2 – Your start on day 2 will be at the 600 yard target- then shoot every 100 yards out to 1000 yards

while being coached on specific technique. Finally, we will teach “wind calling" and environmental

effects until you are comfortable. With adequate practice after the long-range course you will be

capable of engaging targets out to 1000 yards.

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