An Online Gun Store with Excellence in Its Sights

Consistent stock and competitive prices are what separates DEGuns.net from other online gun dealers and brick-and-mortar stores. These days, it can seem like there’s never enough inventory and the firearms or ammo you want is never available. Our primary objective is to keep every item on our site in stock and ready to ship.

We work hard to stockpile all the most popular guns along with the ammo and accessories that go with them. At DEGuns.net, you’ll also find firearms that aren’t as common, yet are in demand and hard to find at gun shows and in stores. In the off chance that we don’t have something already in our warehouse, rest assured we will find it for you and get it shipped out with impressive speed.

Better Prices & More Convenience When You Buy Guns Online

Many people don’t think to buy firearms online or even know that it’s possible. However, many seasoned shooters know that the best way to find the firearms and ammo they need is by shopping at a reputable gun store online.

You can browse our selection from the comfort of your own home without feeling pressured or judged in any way. It’s also much less expensive because online gun stores don’t have as much overhead that gets passed on to the consumer through a higher price tag.

When you buy guns online at DEGuns.net, we’re certain you’ll enjoy how easy and affordable everything is, from finding your firearm to getting it shipped right to your local FFL.

We are also fortunate to have a very large retail space that sits on 34 acres and we have a stocked pond for fishing (Catch and Release) and Kayaking, a full service gun smith department that can take care of all your gun-smithing needs including laser engraving, an outdoor range and currently working on a restaurant. If you’re in our neck of the country, stop on by and check us out.  Our staff is friendly and ready to help you with any purchases you may have. Don’t forget to get some free Ice Cream when you come by

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