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Ace Luciano will act as spokesperson and media relations for new retail website. 

Phoenix, AZ
For Immediate Release 

Ace Public Relations, and outdoor and firearm industry PR firm based in Gilbert, Arizona has been named “Agency of Record” for the new shooting industry website, “” was formerly operated as “Ammodeal,” but has divested that property and market segment to better capitalize on a broader range of products. 

“We were looking for someone in the industry to assist in both assisting in the acquisition of new and varied product lines as well as provide content and Public Relations services for the company as a whole. Ace Luciano more than fit the bill. Ace is highly professional, is one of the most connected people in the firearms and outdoor industry, and came highly recommended to us from several sources. Plus, he happened to be practically in our back yard.”
 -Ron S. Managing Partner, TBSSDC

What set out to do was to help customers find good and high-quality gear and equipment for shooters, hunters, and outdoorsman and women at a fair price that they could have confidence in- and, even more specifically, to help some brands that may be of exceptional quality but lesser well-known to bring their products to market.

As you look through the pages of products on their website, they ask their customers to let them know their thoughts. They want to know what their customers think not just of their gear, but of what they are and what they do.
The the folks at, their customer base is the reason for their existence, therefore, they operate with the highest level of standards for for their manufacturers and consumers.
Most importantly, they work with companies that have strong and enforceable MAP pricing in order to keep that high standard.

“I was excited to join the crew at in their mission to serve the outdoor marketplace, especially because of who they were trying to work with- smaller, less-known companies that have products as good or better quality as the “big names,” but are still relatively unknown in the marketplace. Combining that with some other companies that ARE known in the industry helps everyone- but especially the customer. It was also a great opportunity to be in the ground floor of a marketing and content generation plan- one that hadn’t already been too entrenched to do what is best NOW, rather than in a year or two when the next budget came up” 
-Ace Luciano, Principal, Ace Public Relations

Great, high quality gear and accessories at a fair price combined with excellent service is what you will find throughout the site. If you are or you know a company that is looking for a place to market and sell their products while protecting their pricing and margins, as well as benefit from a higher margin on everything they sell, make sure to visit

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