Best Big Bore Air Rifle 2021 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When hunting is one of the most interesting games in recent times, an air rifle is definitely the playing kit that you can’t ignore. Actually, air rifles are not only one stuff. You will get so many models and types of air rifle available and the big-bore air rifle is probably the most crucial type for any serious game. Big bore is the most successful rifle if you want to try one for pest controlling, hunting or even shooting tournaments. With its amazing precision level and moderated range, big bore is already successful in making its place in the market. Till now, what we said is genuinely true. But you may not experience the same thing if you randomly pick a big bore air rifle. There are also many variations in big-bore rifles and these models vary based on different features. People generally think that getting the most powerful big bore air rifle is all they need to do. We don’t say that. The budget and power of your big bore should be chosen according to your purpose for what you will buy the rifle. Well, including these, we will discuss elaborately many things in today’s writing that will help you to get a suitable big bore rifle.

Best Big Bore Air Rifle 2021

Before stepping into a gun shop, check the following big-bore rifles and their features:


1. Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle

When you are looking for a big bore air rifle, we would love to mention the Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle at the very first. Hatsan Hercules is one of the most powerful and big-shot playing stuff that is pretty different in a positive way than other regular big bores. It has this much power due to the PCP in kinetic energy that is responsible for making big shots. If you are concerned about the physical durability, you can relax as its housing is made with reliable materials and the black physical structure is convenient for comfortable shooting. People frequently worry about the caliber usability. Well, you will be glad that you can use the .35 Cal and .45 Cal in this rifle. So you can use how you want to use the rifle. You can use this model in both target shooting and hunting. We prefer this big-bore rifle for hunting to others because it can give large shots and also with great accuracy. This rifle is enriched with QE techniques to moderate the sound and this is why it reduces the shouting by 32%. This rifle is adjustable in two stages and can shoot 15 times at a single loading. So, you have huge chances of hitting the target without letting it go.


  • Adjustable rubber butt pad.
  • Antiknock system and movable in 2 stages.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It requires minimum maintenance.


  • Disconnected rotary magazine.
  • Heavy model.

2. Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle

Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle is another member of the big bore family that we can’t leave at all while making this list. This particular model is the full auto big bore air rifle with all the qualities you may desire to have in your rifle. The biggest advantage that you will get from this rifle is its accuracy. This rifle is quite longer than any other big bore models and that’s the reason you will get extra favour while aiming a deer or any other fast-running animal. This rifle will allow you to use the .45 caliber. We will be happier if it allows more than one type of caliber to use. Now, let’s talk about its physical strength. Well, this is known to all that Evanix Sniper is made of metal materials. This construction can make the total structure a bit heavy but extremely durable at the same time. The performance and reliability of this model are extraordinary. It is manufactured with a PCP power plant mechanism that is available with a side-lever cock as well. This rifle is enriched with the capacity of 6 shots. So, don’t take much time to make your first shot. If you fail, you will get five more chances immediately.


  • Ambidextrous stock.
  • Manual safety is available.
  • Pistol grip texture.
  • Powerful performance.


  •  The trigger is a bit heavy.
  • One of the heaviest big bore models.

3. AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle

If you want a big bore rifle with a trustable building mechanism and reliable performance at the same time, the AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle is probably the best choice for you. This model is manufactured by the renowned AirForce with the latest technology in the USA. People love this model very much as it is good for long-distant playing. All the rifles you will get in the market are not suitable for a long-distant game. You can track the animal’s signs from a minimum of 1000 ft away. This is quite impressive. You can use the .45 calibers in this rifle. Like the previous one in our pick list, this one also has a long barrel, having a length of 34″. There is a great opportunity of having a long barrel. It is super-effective to generate higher velocities and this is the exact reason why it can hit with so much power. This movable model has butt plates that you can rotate in the rightward and, in fact, in the leftward. This makes the casting easy and lets you take the rifle on and off very easily. But the thing we thought could be improved its single shot. If you miss it the first time, you won’t get any further chances.


  • Textured grip handle.
  • Powerful and well-performing rifle.
  • Lightweight model.
  • Minimum maintenance is required.


  • No scope to attach with the air force Texan.
  • The rifle is not silent.

4. Hatsan BT Big Bore Air Rifle

This is the next member we are choosing from Hatsan. Hatsan BT Big Bore Air Rifle is one of the most bolt-action rifles and is undoubtedly enriched with anti-double-feed systems. This big bore member is probably the best one you will get in this price range. The first thing that you may want to know about a rifle is its power and capacity. Let me tell you. This model is capable of shooting with the extremely high velocity that makes the hunting session more enjoyable. When you are in a hunting session, you can freely keep this one with you. The tank is on the right side and the capacity is around 10 pounds. So, it will perform for a long time. Along with hunting, target practices can also be done with this rifle. There is another reason behind its versatility. You have to use the 0.357 caliber in this rifle and you can use this caliber both in hunting and shooting practice. With the pre-charged pneumatic mechanism, this rifle is well enough for heavy-duty uses. Its fire mode is a repeater. So, you don’t need to reload every time after a single shot.


  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Reasonably priced model.
  • Versatile and multi-purpose rifle.
  • Quite lightweight.


  • Integral silencer removed by 50%.
  • Completely shrouded barrel.

5. Seneca Big Bore 44 909S Air Rifle

Seneca Big Bore 44 909S Air Rifle is a famous big-bore model for its dramatic power. We have added this model in our list because it is quite powerful for travelling a large distance and hitting with great power as well. Normally you can use the .45 Caliber in this rifle and can reach up to 730 FPS. This is quite good compared to many other models, as we already said before. This big bore model has dual air chambers and probably this is the reason why this rifle is successful in creating enough pressure for every powerful shot. It can create a maximum of 3000 psi pressure. Maybe you don’t need superior power all the time. No worry. You will get the opportunity to control the power of it. It has two power levels and you can easily change these. So, getting a performance with low power and high power is just a matter of a few seconds. This bolt-action rifle is not a multi-shot rifle in a single reload. You have to load the rifle after pulling the trigger every time. This rifle is very comfortable to carry and requires minimum maintenance. But it’s trigger is a bit heavy to pull.


  • Superior power for long term performance.
  • Impressive pressure level.
  • Manual safety.
  • Bolt-action big bore rifle.


  • Heavy to pull the trigger.
  • One of the most expensive big bores.

Buyer’s Guide

You will find hundreds of models of big bore air rifles in the gun shop. But, picking the best one is not an easy task at all. You need to know about big bore in detail. There are lots of factors that determine how effective a rifle is. You just need to compare features with your chosen one. We would love to help you with this task. You can easily judge a big bore using the factors below.

These are the factors you should take into account:

Durability: When you are paying money for a rifle, you must want to get a long-lasting and well-performing rifle. Without a durable and robust quality structure, this is quite impossible to perform in the long term. So, you have no other choice of picking a big bore rifle that is physically strong and sturdy. To get the best one, you should be careful about the housing materials. Normally, the rifles are made of reliable metal materials. But, you will also get the hard plastic one. We always suggest getting the metal one that won’t get damaged very easily and you will get a long-time service.

Accuracy: The accuracy level of the big bore air rifle is very crucial. You have no chance of overlooking this feature. Normally, the big-bore rifle has large calibers and it creates many problems to hit the target accurately unless you are good at this job. You will get an opportunity in this matter only if the accuracy level of the big bore rifle is suitable. With a high accuracy level, you will be able to hit the target easily and also won’t experience failure a lot.

Supporting gears: Before making your decision final, you should check that the big bore rifle will allow you to use different supporting articles or not. To get superior performance, you have to use several gears with a rifle scopes. But all big bores won’t allow you to use all types of gears. Some of them will allow you to use lots of gears and some will not. You should find out the one that will allow you to use the maximum number of gears. It will help you a lot in the hunting or shooting ground.

Calibre: You should choose the Big Bore rifle, considering the caliber it allows you to use. You can’t use all the calibers in all rifles. Calibers are designed in different ways as they are for different purposes. So, if you want the rifle for multiple purposes, you should get one that will allow you to use multiple calibers. Spending money on different rifles for different caliber is nothing but wasting your money. So, take this factor into considerations while picking one.

Budget: Budget is a big issue when you don’t want to spend money unconditionally. Big Bore is definitely a highly qualified and pricey tool. But, you will get some reasonably budget rifles as well. In this buyer’s guide, all the listed big bore air rifles are in the high end of the price scale. That said, there are some brands on the market like Benjamin air guns that are reasonable in price while at the same time very close in specs to the high end rifles. Now you have to select which one you can afford easily. But having the cheapest one is not always a beneficial thing. Maybe the cheap big bore air rifle can’t fulfil your expectations properly. So, make sure you made your budget wisely.


Big Bore air rifles are always known as powerful and high-velocity rifles, unlike many air rifles. There are several models available of big-bore rifles with various amazing qualities. But, getting the suitable one is crucial, considering not only quality but also price. To get the perfect combination of these two factors, our writing is a masterpiece that helps to get your job done in a great way.

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