Creedmoor Bench and Field Shooting Mat, Customized for Your Shooting Style.Virtually indestructible and available in any color fabric seen at, this mat’s versatility will keep you covered!

Creedmoor Sports, the precision shooting products manufacturer and supplier, announce a new Bench and Field Shooting Mat that will become your go-to shooting mat for its versatility, durability and portability.

Lightweight and very portable, the Bench and Field Shooting Mat is made of 1000 Denier Cordura, a very strong, yet lightweight water-resistant material. Shoot on any terrain, in any environmental condition and the material of this shooting mat will defy destruction. It cleans up easily too with just a wet sponge or even a dousing from a garden hose.

Folded, the Bench and Field Shooting Mat is just 15.5” by 17” and only 1.5” thick. This allows for the mat to be easily slid into a back pack or carried in the same hand as your rifle case without the bulkiness of a traditional roll-up mat. But, when opened and laid out, the mat provides a covered and protected area of 81” by 31” to keep you out of the dirt. A supportive ½” layer of foam padding for elbows has been inserted in an area approximately 30.5” by 16” and is covered with Creedmoor’s extremely durable non-slip rubber. If you’re shooting from a bench, just fold the extra material under the padding and you have a perfect layer of protection for your elbows and rifle. Hand made in Creedmoor’s Anniston Alabama production facility, the Bench and Field Shooting Mat is available in any color fabric offered online at Creedmoor Sports including Cordura solids and a variety of military camo options such as Multicam.

“The Bench and Field Shooting Mat is designed for shooters that want a versatile mat with all the custom features and performance that Creedmoor is known for, plus the added value of a great price,” Brent Books, sales and marketing manager for Creedmoor Sports commented. “Our shooting mats are developed by shooters for shooters and handmade, so you can count on Creedmoor to have you covered on quality and performance.”

The Creedmoor Sports Bench and Field Shooting Mat are available online for an MSRP of $69.95. Check out a video on the Bench and Field Shooting Mat.

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About Creedmoor Sports:

For over 35 years, Creedmoor Sports has been serving the precision rifle shooting community. Over that time, we have dedicated ourselves to manufacturing only the best products to give the shooter the confidence needed to win at every level of competition.

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