Glock Gen 5 Leaked?

The Glock Gen 5 has been released to a couple law enforcement agencies for test and evaluation. Pictures have been leaked and info was written about the new Glock Gen 5. This video offers my thoughts about the changes made and what you can expect from the new Glock Gen 5.

Other changes include a new muzzle contour and a smooth trigger. There are more than just cosmetic changes here, too, as the 17M has a different pin layout and a new, enlarged recoil spring assembly. Glock also upgraded the finish, but exact details about that remain unknown.

These changes largely conform with the FBI’s service pistol requirements. The FBI awarded Glock an $85 million contract for new handguns and parts earlier this year, and keen-eyed observers pointed out that no Glock pistol meets those requirements. These changes will open up many new markets for the Glock 17M.

Video via The Firearm Guy.

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