Offhandgear Made my Wife Get Even More Into Guns

Recently I was able to obtain a brand new hand guard for my wife’s AR-15 from a great young company called Offhandgear.  You can find all their info at the bottom of this article.  The rail we got is called a “Guns & Roses Vine” hand guard, and it has a Stingray Gun Candy cerakote applied by Area15.

This hand guard is one of ten different options available from Offhandgear.  Other designs include Fleur D’ Lis Scroll, Skull Vine, Kiss My Brass, Sugar Skull, Butterfly Flight, Mandala Lotus, Diamonds, Floral Stag, and Butterfly.  They range in length from 9 to 15 inches and you can choose to have a “raw” finish, or pick a cerakote option.  You can even get magpul accessories to match.

Offhandgear hand rails bring “style and practicality to your rifle”.  They are made of 6061 aluminum and are designed with women in mind, rocking a smaller diameter (2″ exterior, 1.75″ interior) and beveled edges.  There are also predrilled holes for a picatinny rail, so that you can accessorize with optics, lights and other goodies.  


Looks may be deceiving here.  These beautifully crafted rails are super light weight.  With raw finish, they weigh only 6.6 oz-10.2 oz depending on the length.  Such a light weight design makes these an option for any use, whether it be sport or just fun.

Installation of the rail was a breeze.  On a standard AR15 we removed the A2 sight, installed a low profile gas block (any low profile block will work as long as it has the 1.75″ inside clearance) and just had to change out the end cap for the one that comes with the rail.  Then it’s just a matter of feeding the rail onto the barrel and tightening everything up.  The rail came with instructions and all the parts (except the low profile gas block) to make installation easy.

Hand guards are not the only product that Offhandgear specializes in.  The owner, Sandi explains that she wanted to put a stop to the “madness” of “sifting through poorly conceived women’s gear that was made for…Men!”  So in addition to beautifully designed hand guards, offhandgear carries patches, tshirts, a range bag called a N.O.R.B. (Not Ordinary Range Bag), and even shooting mats, all with a focus on women.  In a field that is heavily dominated by men, Sandi and Offhandgear are a fresh take on badass women’s tactical gear beyond the cliche pink camo.  You can find out more about Sandi and Offhandgear by following @offhandgear on instagram or checking out her website at

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