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Shooting Target for Nerf GunShooting Target for Nerf Gun

The 2020 new electronic scoring target toy with 4 modes.

Electric scoring target of the toy gun simulates the sound of gunfire and broken glass, and provides participants with a realistic shooting experience.

An entertaining and educational digital target toy indoor and outdoor.It is a good choice as boys, kids, girls Birthday or Holiday cool gifts toys for 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 years boys.

Auto Reset Target

Auto Reset Target

Shooting Target with Sound and Light

Shooting Target with Sound and Light

Auto Score Target

Auto Score Target

Auto countdown Target

Auto countdown Target


When the four targets are knocked down, the targets will automatically reset, giving you a more convenient shooting game experience.


When the target with the red light falls down, there will be simulated gunshots and glass breaking sounds, which will encourage players and improve their confidence.


When a target that is lit in red falls, the LCD screen in the middle will automatically add 1 point, but the target that is not lit in red will not be added.


The default time of 120 seconds in each mode, players can increase or decrease the time by pressing “TIME +” or “TIME -”

Shooting targetShooting target

Mode1: single-play normal mode

Knocking down any one target will get one point on the LCD screen in the set time, the light will go off automatically after the hitting.

When the four targets are knocked down, all targets will automatically bounce back in order.

Mode2: single-play random mode

One of the indicator light will come on at random, and the scoring screen only record the score in the condition of shooting down the lighted target.

If you shoot down the other three unlighted targets, it will be reckoned as invalid shooting and no points will be scored until you knock down the right one.

Digital TargetDigital Target

Mode3: Multi-play normal mode

The scoring method is the same as Mode 1.

2 players take turns to PK. First player shoot down any target will get score during the set time. There will be a reminder sound of count down “5,4,3,2,1,Game Over” before the end of the shooting time.

Then the lights will flash, and the challenger has 30 seconds to get ready. when it bursts out the sound of count down “5,4,3,2,1, Please Get Ready Now”, then the challenger start to shoot.

If the challenger’s scores exceeds the first player, the game will be end and the challenger wins. If the challenger does not reach the score of first player before before the end of time, then the challenge fail. If two players get the sames scores and the game is a draw.

Mode 4: Multi-play Random Mode

The scoring method is the same as Mode 2.

2 players take turns to PK. First player need to hit the lighted target during the set time, only knocking down the lighted target can get score.

Challenge rules are the same as Mode 3.


Product Include:

4 x Shooting Targets

1 x Target Machine

60 x Refill Bullet Soft Darts

2 x Hand Wrist Bands

1 x Colorful Manual

2020 Newest Target Sit for Game: In order to satisfy children with rich shooting games, our electric shooting target has up to 4 competition modes, which can automatically count, count down, and auto-reset. And 2 wrist straps and 60 refill bullet soft darts have been added for the children.
Single or Multi Mode: Our shooting game target has 2 single player competition modes and 2 multiplayer competition modes, and is equipped with red light and realistic sound effects, allowing children, family or their friends to enjoy shooting Competition, this will be a toy that makes children happier.
Auto Reset and Auto Scoring: Our Target is Equipped with 4 Target, Used 3 LCD Screens to Display the Rounds of Game, Scores and Countdown. After the game starts, the 4 targets will auto-reset, and the red lights will light up. When all four targets are fall down, they will auto-reset again.
Realistic Sounds and Lights: The target will respond with the sound of gunshots or broken glass every time the target fall down, and the lights will be turned off at the same time, which will encourage the player and bring more gaming fun. This will be a toy that can inspire children to continuously improve themselves.
Perfect Birthday and Christmas Gift: The electric shooting target is suitable for Nerf N-strike Elite,Nerf Mega & Nerf Rival Series guns and other brands’ Blaster. And this electronic shooting target can promote parent-child communication and exercise children’s response capability.



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