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Product Description

Rifle Rods by Gun Storage SolutionsRifle Rods by Gun Storage Solutions

Our Mission is to help you develop a safe, usable, maximized storage space for your gun collection.

Here at Gun Storage Solutions we are creating products that help you to organize and store more guns. As a result, your guns and other items are more protected in your gun safe or firearms display cabinets. Traditional gun safe interiors are poorly designed, because they inherently waste space by leaning guns. Consequently, our products serve to utilize this wasted space, helping even the smallest areas store more guns. With versatility as a priority, our products can retrofit any gun safe, display cabinet or vault room. Just imagine your gun storage space with more guns, easier accessibility and greater functionality.

Gun Safe organized with Rifle RodsGun Safe organized with Rifle Rods

Organize & Maximize your Gun Safe with Rifle Rods

Think your gun safe is full? Think again!

Rifle Rods will better utilize the space in your gun safe to increase the capacity and create a more user friendly gun safe.

Gun Safe Transformations

Gun Safe with Rifle Rods

Gun Safe with Rifle Rods

Before & After with ARs

Before & After with ARs

Gun Safe Extra Space

Gun Safe Extra Space

Gun Safe Organization with Rifle Rods

The gun safe on the left is maxed out with long guns on both sides of the safe. With Rifle Rods, this customer was able to condense his long guns (most with scopes) on to the left side of his space, freeing up shelf space for ammo and well organized handguns. He had various lengths in his long guns, so he used a box to prop up his shorter ARs so that the Rifle Rods could properly reach the shelf. This gun safe is now better utilized and can safely store guns and ammo.

Rifle Rods Work with AR’s

With the rise of modern sporting rifles, the rifle rests included in gun safes are not meeting storage needs. Just a few guns can fill up a 12-gun rack. With Rifle Rods, this customer was able to efficiently store his ARs in a way that opened up space for at least 3 more guns. Optics and grips fit better when guns are stored in an upright position, rather than leaning. Now that you have more space, you can buy more guns!

Rifle Rods Maximize Space

This gun safe was full, but you can see all the wasted space in the “Before” picture. Simply removing the rifle rack, this customer was able to reconfigure his layout and condense his guns closer together. Storing them in rows makes it much easier to get to the gun you need, even if it’s in the back row! Now you can see that extra floor space available for more guns. The space in your gun safe is valuable, so maximize it as best you can with Rifle Rods!

Rifle Rods Starter Kits

Rifle Rod in barrel of shotgunRifle Rod in barrel of shotgun

Quality Materials

Rifle Rods Product Specifications

Injection molded plastic product

Fits 22 caliber and larger long guns

16″ total length

with ultra-sonically welded hook fabric coin on top

Made in the USA

Rifle Rods Shelf Liner

Rifle Rods Shelf Liner is NOT included in 6-Pack Rifle Rods or 17 Caliber Rifle Rods.

Industrial grade 100% nylon woven loop fabric will not fray overtime. Required for best use with Rifle Rods.

How do Rifle Rods Work?

Maximize The Space In Your Gun Safe

When guns are leaning into the standard notched rack system, there is a lot of wasted space. Get rid of the rack! Straighten up your gun safe with the Rifle Rods long gun storage system. Rifle Rods utilize a hook & loop system to stabilize long guns in the upright position, better utilizing the space. They work great with a variety of guns and gun safes.

Benefits of the Rifle Rods Gun Rack System

Increase the capacity of your gun safe
Easier access to guns – even in the back row
Works with scoped rifles, shotguns and modern sporting rifles
For use with your existing shelf in your gun safe, cabinets and closets – just attach Rifle Rods Shelf Liner

Shelf Liner Included

Not Included

Not Included

Size of Shelf Liner

15″ x 19″

15″ x 19″

19″ x 30″

19″ x 45″

Not Included

Not Included

Quantity of Rifle Rods

5 Rifle Rods

10 Rifle Rods

20 Rifle Rods

40 Rifle Rods

6 Rifle Rods

2 Rifle Rods


22 Caliber & Larger

22 Caliber & Larger

22 Caliber & Larger

22 Caliber & Larger

22 Caliber & Larger

17 Caliber & Larger

Additional Products to use with Rifle Rods

Stock Support Foam

Stock Support Foam

Rifle Rod Identification Tags ID

Rifle Rod Identification Tags ID

Shelf Liner Hook Loop Fabric

Shelf Liner Hook Loop Fabric

Stock Support Foam

Stock Support Foam is a great addition to your gun safe. This foam will help keep the butts of your rifles and shotguns from shifting, sliding or twirling.

Long guns with tapered stocks often do not sit properly on a hard, flat surface. Stock Support Foam will help stabilize the gun in the position that you place it in. Specifically, when using Rifle Rods, this foam will enforce stability of your rifles and shotguns.

Create level foundation for tapered stocks to stand straight while using Rifle Rods
Further enforce stability of Rifle Rods for the ultimate gun storage solution

10” x 30” x ½” thick
Color: Charcoal
Polyurethane foam

Rifle Rod Tags 10 Pack

Rifle Rods Tags are for the tagging and labeling of firearms using Rifle Rods. The Rifle Rods Tags double as a high visual reminder to remove the Rifle Rod from the firearm before operating.

To use:

Label Rifle Rods Tags as desired.

Write gun identification directly onto plastic face using a permanent marker.
Apply an included label and write the gun ID.

Clip to Rifle Rod between the top ribbing.
Fold down at crease about 90 degrees so the face is visible.

Package includes:

10 – Rifle Rods Tags
10 – 1″ x 2.625″ white labels (standard address label size)

Additional Shelf Liner 3 Sizes

Sizes: 19″x15″, 19″x30″, and 19″x60″

Our Shelf Liner is required for Rifle Rods. The Rifle Rods Shelf Liner is 100% nylon woven loop fabric. This product has been rigorously tested for use with the Rifle Rod system and has proven to keep its integrity for many years. Great for use in closets, cabinets, or anywhere there is a wooden shelf. Apply with staple gun or upholstery tacks.

If your gun safe is stated to have hook and loop compatibility, it is likely the loop weave will not hold up over time with use of Rifle Rods. For complete satisfaction, Gun Storage Solutions requires the use of our Shelf Liner with Rifle Rods.

Choose the appropriate size for your shelf. This product listing does not include Rifle Rods.

Made in the USAMade in the USA

Rifle Rods are Made in the USA

At Gun Storage Solutions we believe in supporting our country’s economy by manufacturing all of our products in the USA. Therefore, Handgun Hangers, Kikstands, Rifle Rods and more are designed, manufactured and packaged right here in our native state of Illinois. We are so appreciative of all the support our country and community provide us, as so we make every effort to give back. Thank you for choosing American made and helping support our American economy.

Sturdy 16 inch plastic rod with a VelcroTM head
8″ x 19″ shelf liner – 100% nylon woven loop fabric – industrial grade



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