Type 89 TE-4 Flexable Japanese machine gun replica


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Type 89 TE-4 Flexable Japanese machine gun replica

machine gun is gas-operated, it consists of two modified Type 11 machine guns paired into a single unit, similar to the German MG 81Z. It is commonly referred to as the “flexible type”. It was derived from otsu-gou – an experimental machine gun (1922-1929) which was a Type 11 turned on its side and fed from pan magazine.[1] The machine gun was chambered in 7.7x58mmSR Type 89 cartridge, it used an “Y”-shaped metallic stock, spade grips, the barrels had no cooling fins (contrary to Type 11), it was fed from two quadrant-shaped 45-round pan magazines (each magazine has a place for nine 5-round stripper clips).[3] The machine gun was used as a rear gun on aircraft and some were pressed into ground and anti-aircraft use. Single or doubled Type 89s were used in most Imperial Japanese Army aircraft that had flexible defensive weapons, including the Mitsubishi Ki-21, Ki-67 and Nakajima Ki-49 heavy bombers, the Mitsubishi Ki-30, Ki-51 and Kawasaki Ki-32 light bombers, the Tachikawa Ki-9 (for training purposes only), and various other aircraft in the Army Air Force inventory.

Replica Japanese Type 89
42.75 x 9.25 x 12”
108.59 x 23.50 x 30.48cm
CBM – 0.0533


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