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The Voltaic® Night Sight is the first battery powered night sight that threads in MILSPEC AR A1/A2 front sight bases.

Voltaic Night Sights are a new class of nanoamp powered sights that outperform Tritium and photo-luminescent sights. These sights have an impressive and consistent glow that lasts. When brightness is vital, Voltaic has your back.

The sights are waterproof and made of durable Aluminum 6061-T6 which screw into your MILSPEC front sight bases just like standard AR posts.

Voltaic Night Sights offer a great sight picture for both distant and close quarter targets. In addition, the sights are also compatible with certain Back-up Iron Sights (BUIS) that utilize MILSPEC posts.

Important Note: Please contact your front sight base manufacturer to ensure this product is compatable with Voltaic Night Sight specs due to the extended length of the threaded housing.

Each Voltaic® Night Sight (beta) will come with everything you need containing: Front Post and Battery Housings, two batteries, extra silicone contact spring, and a polypropylene storage container

Optional: Screw-on Detent Plate

Technical Specifications:
Sight housings: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 w/ black or Unfinished top
Overall Height: 26.5mm (assembled)
Height of Post: 6.7mm (as MILSPEC)
Battery: Lithium Pin Cell
Effective Shelf Life: ~10 years
Continuous Operating Life: 2+ years
Equipped LED: Green (~535nm wavelength)

Does the brightness degrade? Tritium degrades causing insufficient brightness after a few years resulting in costly sight replacement. Moreover, photo-luminescent sight brightness degrades imediately after a light source is removed. Voltaic® Night Sights do not have these issues, plus they have a brighter and more consistent glow than tritium or photo-luminescent sights.

Is it always on? The always-on nanoampere power LED sytem operates years on a single battery. Insert a new battery and your sight will be ready for the long haul. For long term storage, you can turn it off by twisting the top back a few clicks. Also, the tiny spare batteries and components can be stored in small firearm compartments.

What is the sight picture like? The Voltaic® Night Sight has a specialized profile. The expressly broader and pitched front post contour makes it easier to engage targets, especially for those with eye sight that isn’t what it used to be.

Is it cheaper than tritium? Maintaining the Voltiac® sight by changing out a low price battery is a more cost effective solution than tritium year-over-year.

Can I change colors? The Voltaic® LED color be changed by simply replacing the top, and without having to rezero! However, green is the only color available at this time.

Will upgrading to Voltaic change anything? Since Voltaic® Night Sights are drop-in replacements for MILSPEC sights, there are no mounting devices or physical changes made to your firearm setup. Elevation adjustments are made using the same 1/4-turn click method. You can even use your existing detent pin and spring.

Note: For proper sight installation and adjustment, use with a completely hollow end A2 front sight tool, such as NcStar TARFSCT Front Sight Combo Tool or Leapers UTG® A1/A2 Dual Front Sight Tool.


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