Fusion Firearms Store

Fusion Precision Engineering, LLC (Fusion Firearms) is a family based company that is committed to high quality component, assembly and OEM manufacturing which primary focus is in the firearms and outdoor sporting industries. Specializing in, highly hand crafted, custom 1911 colt style pistols, home gunsmith pistol kits, pistol sights, 1911 pistol services (all Makes) and 1911 replacement parts for all brands and manufactures of 1911 style pistols. Fusion is also the sole distributor for the LPA line of adjustable sighting systems for rifles and pistols. Fusion was founded to engineer and manufacture high quality parts, sub-assemblies and complete, “Hand Crafted” 1911 style pistols for a fair price. We take extended steps to work directly with our customer base to understand their immediate needs and future needs. On most days you can even get a callback from Bob him-self to help you with your technical questions or product needs. Custom build pistols are handled on very personal basis. With your emails and/or your call in’s, Fusion will craft a custom itemized quote for you to review based on your physical, cosmetic, and end use needs. Our custom crafted pistols have seen a wide range use and application; from target/action shooters, recreational, defense, police, military, presentation pieces and collectors. Fusion Firearms was founded by Bob Serva in 2006 in upstate New York. As a lifelong firearms user and advocate, Bob has over 25 years of experience in the Firearms Industry and has managed many special development projects with major firearms and component manufactures within the industry. Bob has spent the last 30 years of his intense manufacturing and product development career working filing patents, technical disclosures, receiving countless awards culminating in the prestigious “Small Business Exporter of the Year” conferred by the U.S. Congress. Fusion has recently relocated to Florida to expand the business to be able to offer a larger line of outdoor sporting products.


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