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 When it comes to living your life, 'weather-permitting' isn't permitted. Eliminate the effects of mother nature and carry on doing what you love. The IWOM takes weather out of the equation, keeping you comfortable regardless of the forecast. From curling up at home to supporting your favorite team, there's an IWOM for you. 

For hunters, our IWOM hunting suit will give you the freedom to hunt when you want, where you want with full body movement and comfort. Save money, space and time with this one garment. The IWOM is the only piece of hunting clothing you will need, designed to fully protect you from all weather conditions, including rain and snow. 

The IWOM is built to keep you comfortable in temperatures ranging from –50 to 50 degrees, which means you can hunt from dusk to dawn with the ease of one garment. Simply regulate your body heat by customizing the ventilation system with easily accessible inner membrane zippers. 

Most hunting suits fail to contain body heat and scent at four points: the waist, wrists, neck, and ankles. IWOM is engineered to eliminate all four with a built-in face mask and full hood, wrist gaiters, no shirt-pant intersection, ankle cinch and full foot cover. Other features include... 


IWOM gives you the ease and value of one garment to cover you in all weather conditions with zero points of escape for body heat and scent – all in an easy to use, easy to carry transforming system. Forget the wardrobe change and grab your IWOM. Strap it around your waist in the simple hip sack for your trek in the woods. Throw it over your head (no high-wire balancing act required) for a parka that allows full body movement and ease to climb freely. Then, settle in with the comfort of full-body protection and insulation. 


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