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For over 20 years SILVER STAG has stayed true to the key attributes that turned a garage-based hobby into a nationally respected brand. We have continuously designed and manufactured our own products, under our own roof, and done so primarily by hand.

We take immense pride in the practicality, durability, and the finish details that make every SILVER STAG have its own unique character and beauty. SILVER STAG knives are primarily handmade, and we only use domestic raw materials in each functional design. We will never sacrifice quantity for quality and our reputation is contingent upon your satisfaction. SILVER STAG Knives are an exceptional value and we back up our work with the best warranty in the industry. We also provide the best customer service we can. Thank you for your interest in SILVER STAG and American manufacturing!

  • We design and manufacture our exclusive blade designs with exceptional High Carbon Steels (Primarily D2, but also 1095, 80CrV20, and 15N20).
  • We incorporate select North American shed Antler and hardwoods into our handmade finished designs.
  • SILVER STAG Knives are classified as “Semi-Custom”. We use a CNC Plasma or laser to cut our blade profiles, use a CNC Surface Grinder to remove the mill scale, then hollow or flat grind our blades “Free-Hand”,  (our folding and detailed blades are CNC double disc ground).
  • All knives are hand assembled, shaped, polished, and sharpened Free-Hand by a small team of sportsmen and craftsmen that take pride in their work, have a strong work ethic, and traditional values.                 
  • The SILVER STAG Product Line consists of over 85 different designs that range from 1" to over 21" in length. The majority of the line retails in the $90 to $150 range. The SILVER STAG line is categorized into "Product Series", and each Product Series is defined by the design and materials used in the manufacturing process.

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