Stop Maintaining Your Weapons and Optimize Them

– Stop Maintaining Your Weapons and Optimize Them

While it has been over a decade since I left active duty, some habits, as they say, die hard.  As a United States Marine deployed in Iraq, the phrase “chow and weapons maintenance are continuous” seemed like administrative rhetoric, and was scoffed at by many.  Now, I’m not saying that we didn’t eat whenever we could, and we sure as hell kept our weapons clean, but hearing that phrase no less than once a day made it seem so ambiguous.  Is there some hidden meaning in the phrase?  Does my LT not have anything else to say so he just says that?  Like many phrases in the military, it wasn’t until I had left the service before I truly understood and appreciated the words.

Now older, wiser, and fatter (chow was definitely continuous), a great many things from my time in combat make even more sense than they did in country.  Weapons maintenance is certainly one of those things, and since I still carry a weapon with me every day of my life, the importance of a clean and serviceable weapons is still there.  No longer limited to CLP and LSA, there is a whole world of cleaning products and lubricants available to me, a truly overwhelming amount actually.  I have had good luck with many different products, bad luck with a couple, and absolutely fantastic luck with one family of products.  Being the gentleman that I am, I want to share these products with you.

Enter Modern Spartan Systems.  With a complete system designed to optimize the performance of your weapon, not just maintain it, Modern Spartan Systems quickly became the go-to line of products in my shop.  Working as a gunsmith, the first thing I always do is clean whatever weapon I am going to be working on, and since a large portion of my clientele is law enforcement, I clean my fair share of used and abused guns.  This is where the Carbon Destroyer and Copper/Lead Destroyer makes my life so much easier, doing most of the hard work for me.  Not only do these products work better than anything I have used in the past (and that is a very exhaustive list by the way),  but all of the Modern Spartan Systems products are made in Merica, and environmentally friendly.  Is that a big concern for me you may ask? Actually, it kinda is.  If you hunt or are an outdoors man, if you enjoy fishing, or if you just like the thought of leaving the world a little better than when you got here, things like environmentally safe products are for you.  I am by no means a hippie or an activist, but when I have a choice to “go green”, I will always give it a try.

While the cleaning products are fantastic, it was the Spartan Accuracy Oil that got me hooked in the first place.  If you happen to be reading some of the claims found on the Modern Spartan System website about the Spartan Accuracy Oil, you probably won’t believe it, and I can’t blame you.  It improves accuracy and reliability, cuts cleaning time by up to 75%, unaffected by temperature, superior corrosion protection, reduces gumming from sand or dirt…….really?  Well, from my experiences, IT DOES!  With my 1911 that I carry daily, I have noticed several of these claims to be true, especially reduction of crud build up, reduction of cleaning time, and the amazing reduction in friction.  Reading about the SAO, there is a lot of sciencey stuff that I couldn’t repeat unless I just copied and pasted, but the gist of it is this, the SAO more or less bonds to the metal at the molecular level creating a super slick, super tough barrier.  How does this work?  No idea.  How do I know it works?  Of all the numerous lubes, greases, and oils I have tried, nothing has ever made racking a slide or cycling a bolt as smooth as this stuff.  No other product has ever lasted nearly as long on my CCW 1911 without any reapplication needed, nor has cleaning ever been as easy as it is when cleaning something I have used SAO on.  Period.

These products are the real thing.  They do what they say and they do it better than anything I have ever used before.  Whether you only clean one gun once a year, or run a shop where you clean 100 guns a day, Modern Spartan Systems products are for you.

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