We visit the archery shop and Bass Pro looking for new bows! BOW ACCESSORIES – Get 20% off TROPHY RIDGE products w/ code – THP20 …

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  1. You might want to think twice before playing anything by Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter) in the future. He is regarded as a pariah by many in the UK and Australia.

  2. I'm just here to read all the Matthew's and Hoyt boys that spent $1500-2500 on their bow talk smack about Bear Archery! I guarantee you these Bear bows will harvest more game in these men's hands, then the guys screaming about how cheap and terrible these bows are! I'd rather spend a few more weekends in the woods with my saved money then have my Mathews bow sitting in a box and I'm broke and cant afford to go anywhere to hunt, or the gas and lodging it takes to get there! Jmo

  3. Hah! Old? I have a PSE Edge Series '91 Limitrd Edition, that's so old PSE cant even look it up in there system to tell me the draw length range….my dad gave it to me too. I'm getting ready upgrade though lol

  4. Point blank the new wave is what I’ve been hunting with. Got it off Craig’s list and added new accessories on it since I’ve had it, for about 5 years now.

    I’m really interested in the bear pledge RTH package, mainly bc it’s affordable and feels good.

  5. you buy a bear from a retail store like Cabelas and Gander.. You go to a dealer/archery shop for a Bowtech or Mathews rig..

  6. OK guys, why can't I find the gray with black mesh THP hat that Aaron is wearing in the video in your on-line store?? I gotta have one!

  7. I bought the realm x last year..its unbelievable. My first pin is from 15 to 35yards. Second pin is for 50..and my pins are stacked. Flattest shooting bow ever

  8. I made the same sort of upgrade Dillon did. Went from a hand-me-down HCA Powerforce X1 to a new PSE Stinger X. World of difference.

  9. Speed is overrated. Deer never out ran my bows 25 years ago. Lol. The flat shooting is nice though.

  10. Ok. Here’s the thing… in the first part of the video I noticed the bass pro was set up just like mine.. then you guys went to archery field and sports, that’s when I got all giddy and realized you were at my local bass pro shop! Great video. I just bought a bowtech realm sr6 from archery field and sports myself. The guys there are great, and the perks of buying from them are amazing! I’m excited to see more videos!

  11. HI, the biggest problem with big-name companies bass pro or field and stream their bows are overpriced and parts can only come from them. This is because they pay extra money so that any repairs is through them. Also, 95% of the time the worker there claims to be a pro and he is not. most of the time only ever shot a Micky mouse bow. They can only do arrow cutting and maybe offer any further help. For the best find a real archery shop they actually know what to do and full setup and besides would you want someone to come to your shop with a new bass pro bow and have them set up the thing. Remember he has a shop because he cares and will lead you on the best ride he can for yea not just that sale. Buy from the shop guy he has a family and the passion to keep him and you going. Happy shooting

  12. People don’t care about the expertise only the dollar. What was the price difference between the two different places for the same bow?

  13. lol I live five minutes down the road from archery field and sports. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for you guys, and Mark. I wouldn’t be bow hunting today.

  14. It takes alot of practice to be good with a bow and to start shooting at Animals. I don't agree with your grab and ready to shoot mentality (that's fucked). Just because a bow comes with a rest and sight on it don't mean it's going to shoot for shit. A bow has to be tuned by a bow technician (or knowledgeable person) to the individual shooting the bow. Then you should practice your ass off before ever considering shooting at a live animal. You guys think you're real fucking Cowboys, don't you?

  15. hey y'all just wanted to say im looking into gettin a bow an this video an many more have been very helpful an im excited to up my hunting experience

  16. I bought the Bear threat with the digital camo last year, awesome bow. It came with a $200+ trophy ridge sight. I thought they may have put too much in that and not in the bow and it wasn’t the case. Shoots perfect. Got a deer last season with it.

  17. Price point bows and RTH packages today are on par if not better than flagship bows of yesteryears. Cheaper and higher tolerance manufacturing processes have really helped keep older technologies (for example, the solo cam) relevant and affordable.

    With that said, there hasn’t been a better time to buy a flagship bow if you find one you love. We are physically at a cap on things like speed and efficiency. Don’t be afraid to spend the long dollar, it won’t be irrelevant in 2 years like a decade ago.

  18. We have a bow shop called triple edge archery about 1 hr 30 min away from where we live and that’s where we go for new bows and even go just for check ups to make sure everything is good

  19. One thing that I didn’t hear mentioned,,, on ted and Dillion’s new bows , was the 150 shot check up ,, all new bows and all new bow companies suggest that a bow should be checked by a technician at 150 or 200 shots ,, with this being said ,, I bought a new bow the week before you guys did and at 150 shots the bow had a string to stretch a little bit and the bow started making a little bit more noise when I shot it , I took it back , it was free, and the technician found and fixed it and I’m back at perfect once again,,so ted , Dillion take your bows back before this trip this week and have them do the free check up

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