22 Mag Pistol – for Self-Defense would you?

For concealed carrier having a reliable pistol that you’re comfortable with is ideal. If you’re a newbie and think that you want to start with a reliable pistol.

Why not look into a getting a Ruger LCR-22, compact light handgun weighs 16-ounce, affordable and easy to shoot.

It incorporates several novel features such as a polymer grip and trigger housing, monolithic receiver, and constant force trigger. (Original 22 mag pistol story from AmSJ)

Operates in double-action only (DAO) as the hammer is concealed within the frame handle’s fire control housing of the gun and cannot be cocked prior to firing, shoots .22 Winchester Rimfire caliber.

Some may argue that the .22 WMR is too small for personal defense. Those that think this way are looking at it from a hunter mindset, that is one shot one kill.

However, for self-defense purpose the primary objective is stop the bad guy from doing bad things.

There are three ways to stop a threat with a pistol:

1. Causing enough pain that the bad guy submits or voluntarily decides to stop

2. Incapacitation, which is an involuntary reaction on the part of the bad guy in response to being shot, this can be instant or it can take some time.

3. Using Fear as a psychological deterrent, no one wants to get shot at when there is gun pointed at them.

Let’s move onto the cartridge itself, yes, its not a .357.

The .22 WMR does not have the stopping power of a .357, it does have velocity. Back to this later, many gun experts will test out these cartridges against gel.

Its simply a ballistic test medium which is thought to offer the same resistance to a bullet as would muscle tissue.

However, it does not replicate skin, ribs, cartilage or fat and, in fact, very often the way a bullet performs in living tissue is quite different than how it performs in gelatin.

Ok, you’re still stuck on the different calibers and how a .22 compares. Read the rest of the 22 magnum pistol – Ruger LCR22 here.

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